Leprechaun Tricks


We missed it last year, and this year we were determined not to skip St. Patrick’s Day (I blame the dumbs).  It’s not a huge holiday for us, but a couple of years ago, Master Pravus started up the tradition of me leaving a sort of “offering” to the leprechauns, and I admit, abiding this new holiday rule is a lot of fun.

I never got leprechaun toys as a child, but Master Pravus says that if you ignore the leprechauns, and don’t leave toys out for them to play with, they will cause pranks!  A few years ago, Applepig got pranked really good (but my blog ate that post during one of our transfers to a new server a while back!  Boo!) so now he’s scared shitless to be in the front room alone.  Don’t let him tell you he’s brave.  He’s a craven little swine!

So, the night before I drew my welcome leprechauns sign as is tradition.  I did that the first year Master Pravus started this, and if you’re interested here is a link to that picture.  As you can see, my artist skills have not improved much!  After making my picture, we set up our leprechaun play area.


Here’s my setup.  Master Pravus reminded me that leprechauns don’t like open areas, so I set it up under the TV tray table that holds the spare TV.  Master Pravus lent me Gripthor, his Neopet.  He almost never logs in, but I had this tiny Neopet from who knows when that I gave him a while back since it was the same species and color as his.  I thought they would like Gripthor since he is green. 

I don’t own any gold, so I drew gold under a rainbow!  There’s a miniature sword (seems like something a leprechaun would like) as well as a teeny tiny dinosaur!  I put my cuddly pet slinky under there, and also an empty cup with a bag of tea under there because “I’ve never met an Irish person who doesn’t like tea!”  Being half Irish, I can make these assessments!

Upon waking, I saw that the leprechauns had indeed been to visit!  The first thing I saw was this:


As you can plainly see, Princess Cupcake is up out of her tower and doing WHISKEY SHOTS WITH TIBERIUS!  Gripthor is also there!  Princess is still betrothed to Prince ZeeBee and isn’t allowed out of her tower until their wedding day because they are horny little fuckers and I’m trying to keep her pure until marriage!  I thought ZeeBee might have made her impure for a brief moment, but when I looked up in her tower:


There was Prince ZeeBee wearing his fake crown (he likes to pretend)!  Ron was sitting atop the prince’s head, and ZeeBee looked just as confused as I was as to why he was up there.  He doesn’t seem to fit Princess Cupcake’s cushion…

As Master Pravus tells me, if you are awake when the leprechauns show up, then you’re in for some tricks!  I was fast asleep, but I guess Redd and Biggle Piggle were not, because this happened to them:


Don’t worry!  They are tied around their chests (under the arm) not around the neck.  Biggle Piggle seemed to be having fun with it, but Redd gets motion sick, so he just wanted down.  I mean, I left him up there for the time being, but I’ll take him down before bed.


Hedwig was out, on top of the massage table (which is folded).  It doesn’t look like any tricks were played on her, but I’m thinking she just got out to laugh at Biggle Piggle because that’s the kind of owl she is!


In case you hadn’t heard, Leprechauns are quite artistic and they always leave me a sign in return for the one I leave them!  So, here’s the sign they drew me.  They also left me a present (as is tradition as well)!


A copy of an Overlord game I haven’t played before!  Overlord Dark Legend!  I’m kind of on an Overlord kick right now.  Hehe.  I’ll look forward to trying this out when I get some time!

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