Lucky Number Thirteen


Wednesday was an important day for us.  Know what it was?  It was our thirteenth year collaring anniversary!  Known to others sometimes as the “dateaversary”, the twenty third of March is the day (thirteen years ago) that Master gave me my first ever collar.  It was a silver choke chain.  My training collar.  Thirteen years is a long time, but not long enough!

To be honest, the day itself was a bit of a flop.  I got my first bulk order for the Mewtique, which required me to make about twenty three pairs of devil horns to ship no later than Thursday morning first thing.  I took the order on knowing full well that I’d have less than three days to do it, and Master Pravus and me both knew that if I took it on there was a good chance I’d have to work over our anniversary.  I took it with permission from him because I wanted to be certain he wouldn’t mind that we may need to move our celebration to another day.  He was thrilled about the order, and it took me until late afternoon on Wednesday to finish it.

You would think that late afternoon would have given us plenty of time to spend together that night, but as soon as I sat down after completing the order, I felt the life literally being sucked out of me.  I was beyond exhaustion, and the more I sat, the worse it got.  I knew I was pushing myself to get the order completed, (as did Master Pravus) but I don’t think either of us really realized just how much I was being crushed.  We decided to relax and take it easy that night, moving our celebration to Friday, which is our next free day.

While we didn’t get to play very much (we did a little light rope bondage) I had been hoarding a couple presents for Master Pravus for a bit over a month.  I bought them, and had to work hard to keep them hidden.  Do you know how hard it is to hide presents from your Master?  (Well, if you’re a reader here…  Maybe you do!)  It’s hard, okay!  Before we ate dinner I started hunting around to get them out.  I found the first one but after tearing the house apart, I could not find the second one!  I was beside myself.  I was sure I put it in my comic book drawer, and it wasn’t there!

I gave Master Pravus his first present, which was a shirt.  I’ll try to get a picture of him in it when he wears it.  It’s a black shirt with the dictionary definition of “bondage” on it.  The second present was some black jute rope.  I almost always get him rope for our collaring anniversary when I can swing it.  Master Pravus says not to worry too much.  He points out that we’ll find the rope sooner or later, after all, it has to be somewhere!  Chances are it’ll turn up in the middle of July.  Ha ha.  I’m glad he liked his shirt though.

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