Easter 2016


The Easter festivities started on Saturday, when we sat down to dye eggs.  We had boiled them the night before, and started in on decorating them when we got home from infusion.

I feel a bit silly, because I was sure that I got a picture of all the eggs, but I actually forgot in all the hubbub, so a few eggs are missing in my group picture because we ate them.  Whoops!  Master Pravus took a close-up of the egg that I designed for him.


Here’s the back of the egg I made for Master Pravus prior to dying it.  I’m not the best artist in the entire world, but I tried to draw the BDSM Triskelion.  The front of the egg just says “Master Pravus.”  I drew hearts on the front too, because I’m a sap.  We made the usual “slut” “whore” and “Applepig” eggs.  Hehe.  We bought a bunch of eggs because eggs are a food I can tolerate so we figured they weren’t the worst thing to have around.


Here’s a picture of the eggs that we didn’t eat. …Yet.  I made one for Styx, of course.  The back says “Anytime can be nap time!”  Master Pravus made Dongalor’s egg.  It’s not pictured because Master eated it. LOL!  There’s an egg for Prince ZeeBee, and one for the Mewtique.  There’s more than one slut egg. (There’s more than one slut in this house!)  The funny bit about the slut egg is we were both designing a slut egg at the same time, without the other one knowing!  LOL!

There is an egg for Tyrannous, (that’s Applepig’s son) and a couple for me and a couple for Master Pravus.  There’s a couple random eggs too.  We had purchased a Star Wars themed kit, so some of the eggs just have stickers on them.  I also wound up with plenty of stickers for the calendar, so I cut them up and added them to my sticker box when we didn’t use them all.

Easter morning I woke up and groggily made my way into the front room.  I frowned.

“What’s wrong, Kitty?”

“Easter Pig didn’t come.” 🙁

“Yes he did!  I just had to move your basket because Dongalor was getting a bit too interested!”

He handed me my basket.


I got a Pikachu Amiibo, which was my first Amiibo ever, and I was super stoked.  I also got a little container of Cheese-Its which I’m sure will take a couple weeks to get through.  Heh.  Lastly I got some chocolate bunny ears, which I haven’t opened yet.  I took a picture of my basket before I tore it apart, and then I sat down with a tea to wake up a bit.  It takes me a long while to get going in the morning right now, because I’ve been so sick.

Master Pravus told me he was going to make me breakfast and he got me a little bit of bread and an Easter egg.  I somehow did not see him making this particular egg, but it said “Beautiful Kitty” on it, and it really made me smile.  Such a sweet gesture.

I logged into Animal Crossing while I was getting my brain together, and at some point I looked up and realized there were eggs all over the house.

“Wh..  I don’t remember there being eggs when I woke up!”

“I think you’re just having a rough day.”

“No.  I swear!  There’s a basket in the kitchen now?  Am I really that out of it?!”


“Eek!  I’m sorry!”

I dashed around getting dressed (after all, you can’t hunt eggs naked, it wouldn’t be proper) and then I picked up the basket (which had one started egg in it) and I started in on my hunt.


The eggs were hidden everywhere!  I mewed at the top of my lungs each time I found one, which seemed to delight Master Pravus even more than me.  There were a couple eggs hiding out in plain sight, like in this picture above.  You can see the blue one I was on my way to pick up (sitting on the massage table) and if you look carefully in the upper right hand corner of the picture, you will see a skull ashtray with a pink egg in its mouth.


Here I am in the bedroom picking up the final egg, which happened to be under Cube Pig.


Full basket!

The day itself was reasonably relaxing.  Master Pravus made himself a ham, which he froze half of and still will likely be eating ham sandwiches for lunch for quite a few days.  I got a couple thin slices of deli ham (lunchmeat) and a couple canned boiled potatoes.  I wasn’t having the best day stomach-wise so I didn’t eat a whole lot.

After Easter dinner, we went to the Zoo for a little walk.  We walked for a little bit more than twenty minutes and then we went home because I was running out of steam.

That night, I tried to play with my Amiibo and realized, it won’t work with Yoshi’s Wooly World at all!  I was completely mad, because the Amiibo said it would work with games that had the Amiibo symbol, like Wooly World.  What a complete rip off!  I guess none of the Pokémon work with anything except Smash Bros, but I think that’s completely fucking shit.  If it’s not going to work with Amiibo games, it should say “Only works with Smash Bros” on it.  I didn’t realize Mario Maker is compatible with Amiibos, but it is.  It’s nothing too great though.  You can get a Pikachu costume if you log in with it.  Meh.  That was a huge let down.  I don’t like Smash Bros because I don’t really like fighter games.  Lame.

Despite the Amiibo drama, it was still a fun day.  We had a nice Easter together.

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