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A while back, Master gave me a new rule about wearing earrings each day.  While it does not say so in my original post, the rule is for when we leave the house.  The rule is not a new one anymore, and I always remember them now.  My ears are somewhat finicky though, and we don’t really know why but there are days I will wake up and they will be bleeding (not a ton, just a few drops, or there will be dried blood on the ear) and sometimes they will be swollen and bright red.  Again, we have no idea.  I only wear earrings with a sensitive skin post because my ears have always been sensitive, but I do still have trouble with them from time to time.

Due to my trouble wearing earrings, Master Pravus has taken to inspecting my ears that day before I put the earrings on to make sure that I don’t have any weird bleeding or swelling.  If I do, I don’t wear earrings that day (per his orders).  Six days out of seven, this process works quite well for us, with the exception of the one “early” day..  Infusion!

Infusion days are hectic.  I need to be up, ready, and out the door dressed with some kind of food in hand, and with cream on my port so it has time to set in.  Master Pravus doesn’t always have time to check my ears before we go, and then when we get on the road, I will realize that I forgot to ask him to check my ears and worse, I don’t have any earrings with me.  I hate failing at my rule like that.

Recently, I ran out of yarn.  I still have yarn to work on during the day, but I don’t work on anything striped while we’re watching TV at night because I’m more likely to mess up the stripey scarves if I’m not paying full attention to them.  I usually am working on a single color scarf while we watch TV.  At the moment, I’m waiting for my new yarn to arrive by mail, so I’m just working with scrap yarn.  I’ve been making cozies for Master Pravus’ soda cans, and I’ve also made sex toy bags out of scrap yarn I have kicking around that’s not enough yarn for a scarf or other project.  In the middle of my last project, I got the idea to make this little pouch.

It’s nothing fancy, only about two inches by two inches.  I sewed a little button on it too to keep it shut in my bag.  It’s just small enough to hold a couple pairs of earrings, and I keep it in my ostomy supply bag so that now I always have a pair of earrings with me, even if we have to scoot really fast in the morning due to the rush-rush-rush.

Kind of funny though, is that since I made this little bag, I haven’t forgotten to ask Master Pravus to help check my ears in the morning.  Almost like the act of making it and keeping this little pouch in my bag has fool-proofed me from forgetting, even in the hustle and bustle.  I’ll take it.  I think the process of putting so much time into such a small little bag really made me think about its purpose and the fact that earrings are so important to Master Pravus, and thus, to me.

Picture 423

Still, a little insurance never hurt anybody, and the prepared slave is the happy slave.

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