No Stone Left Unturned

Saw the Nephrologist. He had some good news! He was MUCH less concerned about my kidneys and while we do need to keep a close eye on them and do a bit more testing (nothing invasive) he said things look pretty good overall. This is nothing to panic about yet. Whatever it is he thinks we caught it early enough to hopefully prevent it from turning into something bad. Such a load off my mind.

He was more concerned about my kidney stones. I actually had no idea but the one I DID know I had got bigger (7 mm) and I now have TWO more (6 mm and 4mm) and they are both in the same kidney! I had no idea those other two existed at all but two of those are too big to pass peacefully. We’re going to do a bit of testing (again nothing bad) to figure what they are made of and then he said he will probably be able to give me pills that could shrink them so that they pass on their own OR help them become less serious when they DO pass. That’d be nice. I’ve passed kidney stones before, I don’t want to do it again. And again, no surgery or invasive testing or anything so I was gung ho.

So I’m getting my tests done and we’ll discuss everything at the next appointment. It was nice to have an easy appointment for once.

Apologies for that blanket in the floor, by the way. I got a little behind on laundry because we didn’t get home until late last night and had to leave early today.

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