Birthday Grill

Master Pravus just had a birthday!

I’ve been asking him for weeks where he wanted to go.  At first I just casually mentioned “It’s almost your birthday, what do you want to do for it?”  I asked him later as well, and every time I asked him he changed his mind.  I mean, he could have changed his mind on the way to the place we were going, but I liked watching him get excited every time I asked him.  Despite coming up with about sixty places to go (slight exaggeration) he finally settled on the same place that he always goes: the Mongolian Grill.

Before settling on the Mongolian Grill, he had a heart-to-heart with me because of my gastroparesis and told me he was trying to figure out where to go based on what I could eat and asked me for input on restaurants.  The only restaurants I can really eat at are breakfast places, so I can get dry toast and an egg.  Even then, we have to go early enough in the day because the later in the day, the less solid food I can tolerate, and bringing me out to eat is just kind of a nightmare.  So, a lot of times if we go out to eat I’ll just have an egg and toast, or just tea.  Maybe just a cocoa with skim milk.  Very boring/bland/small amounts of foods.  The waiters/waitresses always look at me like I have an eating disorder.  I don’t.  I have gastroparesis.  ::Ahem::  Anyway.

I told him that I wanted to make sure his birthday was as good as it could be and not to worry about my eating.  I would find something wherever he went, even if it was just tea, and I could drink a clear Ensure or something when we got home.  Your birthday only comes once per year and I wanted it to be as good as it could be!  I think it shows a lot of care and love for me that he wanted to make sure I could eat, though.  In the end, we did go to the place Master Pravus preferred over going to another breakfast place.  I have zero regrets.  I have an incurable condition that affects my eating, and I don’t want him to have to suffer just because I can’t eat the same as I used to.

Before we went to the Mongolian Grill, we went to the mall for a little walk.  He got me a green tea as a celebration treat (because being extra extra happy on Master Pravus’ birthday is always a good ting) and while we were walking around we saw a store that has board games and things like that.  Master Pravus wanted to go in there, so we did.  We are huge fans of Monopoly, and every time we’re anywhere that has Monopoly we are always looking for new boards.  We have a lot of them: Classic, Star Wars, SpongeBob, Nintendo, Coloradopoly, and at least a few more that I can’t think of.  Well, we were about to buy Pokemonopoly when we saw this:

monopoly (1024x724)

It was the only one they had, and we just couldn’t leave it behind.  What are the chances we find it again??  So, as a second sort of birthday present, Master Pravus got Mass Effect Monopoly.  We haven’t had the chance to even take the plastic off yet but I can’t wait to play!

So anyway, we got to the restaurant and I had to run to the bathroom.  Apparently while the waiter was taking Master Pravus’ drink orders they were chatting about bondage places in Florida.  I guess the waiter was not only cool, but liked Master Pravus’ shirt.  By the way!  That’s the shirt I got him for our anniversary a while back.  Always love running into cool kinky people in public.  I mean, the shirt wasn’t too subtle either so I guess it helps attract the right kind of folks.

birthday master (576x1024)

Master Pravus took a picture of me up by the grill while our food was cooking.  When we went through, it was hard finding things I could eat but I knew it would be.  I mainly stuck with things like rice noodles and some chicken and picked at small bites.  I got some chicken soup too and tried to just eat around the broccoli and mushrooms and stuff.  Master Pravus got about two giant plates of food and he loved it.  It was all meat and cheese, and some peas.  LOL!  I always think it’s funny that he adds peas in from the salad bar.  The grill chefs are always a little amused at all the peas rolling around everywhere, too.

birthday master 6

See that smile??  How do you not love that smile?  I don’t think he would have been this over the moon at a normal egg place.  Somewhat unrelated: you can read the shirt better in this shot.

After dinner, it was time for dessert!  Master Pravus had been thinking about where he wanted to go for dessert because the grill place doesn’t really have anything he likes.  (They have fried oreos and crap like that, but he’s just not into that type of thing).  He settled on a local ice cream shop that we both like a lot!

birthday master 7

As you can see, he got an ice cream the size of his face!  In birthday terms, that’s the proper amount of ice cream to have.  It is law.  I got a little ice cream too, with sprinkles!

I had actually already given Master Pravus his birthday present weeks ago.  I had purchased it for him in March or so, because I wanted to get him a new earring and I wanted to make absolute certain it got here in time and all that.  I was saving it for him in a good hiding place and all, but the earring he usually wears actually broke!  It was really, really old (which is why I wanted to get him a new one to begin with) so I kind of expected that would happen soon, but it didn’t happen in time for his birthday.  When it broke I kind of just ran to my hiding spot where his new earring was, and I gave him his present early.  He really liked it, and I think it looks awesome on him.  I’ll have to get a picture of it soon.

It was a lovely night out.  Happy Birthday, Master Pravus.


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