Pretty Kitty Tricks


Master bought me this plush piggie a week or so ago. His name is “Bankie.” Bankie is snuggly and plush but he has a coin slot on top to put change in. When he comes home if he has any change he has me do “pretty kitty” tricks and if I successfully catch the coins in my hands after balancing them on my nose then he lets me put them in Bankie. I’m not sure what happens if I miss a coin because it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it won’t. =^.~=

Today he had three pennies and a dime! Bankie is always hungry. Once he’s full Master Pravus says we will take an outing or something but it’ll probably be a long while. He doesn’t have lots of change very often. The really fun part is doing tricks for Master anyway. Hehe.

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