Morning Tea Cupcake Heaven

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I was just in my sewing room when I heard the doorbell and a loud “thump.”  I figured it was a package because the drivers around here just huck packages at my door and run off usually.  So I got up to get it, and there was a rather large envelope outside the house.  Then I noticed it was addressed to me.  WHAT COULD IT BE?!  I was not expecting any packages.

Running into the kitchen, I got a pair of scissors and opened it to see a birthday surprise from my lovely friend TeaFueledCat!  I hadn’t expected to get any presents at all this year aside from Master Pravus (who has been teasing me about my present) and I was so shocked and in awe, and LOOK AT IT!  It’s the perfectest present for me.  It’s a coloring book I had put on my Amazon Wishlist, and it’s TEA themed.  I absolutely cannot wait to sit down and color it in some.  I’m just so excited!

This is my first birthday present this year, too!  That’s also pretty freaking exciting!

Thank you so much, TeaFueledCat!  This was a total surprise and has me quite thrilled today!  Whee!  So much love.

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