Sigh Of Relief

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I woke up yesterday and things were going pretty damned good.  I had a sale from the Mewtique (always good to wake up to), a birthday present came, I felt well enough to sew, and I was sitting around with a cup of hot tea in my hands.  I mean, that’s a pretty good start to the day.

My Mom called to chitter-chatter and in the middle of the phone call I squealed with delight, as Master Pravus had sent me a message saying that his contract has been extended until December 2016!  I believe it is extended until December 31st, which is a very good thing.  I’m not 100% on that though because Master Pravus is at work right now and we don’t talk a ton while he’s working.

This is soo good.  It doesn’t solve our problem, but it does put a little bandage over things for the next several months.  At least we know that for the next seven months we don’t need to worry about being unemployed.  I have no fears at all that he will be fired or anything like that.  I’m just worried about normal things, like the contract ending.

This news is bittersweet to us because it doesn’t solve the problem of insurance.  My GP does not accept my state insurance and sees me as a courtesy since she’s been seeing me for so many years prior to this.  By the time the contract is due to expire it’ll have been almost two and a half years that she’s been seeing me as a courtesy.  Any of my specialists I’d hate to lose, but it’d be okay.. 

However, losing your GP is really tough because they are the person who coordinates with all of the specialists and that’d be a fuckton of work fixing.  The semi-good news is that if they choose to extend Master Pravus’ contract again in December, he’ll actually be eligible to get insurance from the head hunter who got him this job.  (You need to be in your contract at least a year before you can get insurance.)  So, there’s a bit of hope there.

This news also doesn’t solve the problem of permanent and stable income, however at least we know that for seven months (or more) the mortgage is paid and we can buy food and such.  We’ll be okay for now.  Master Pravus will keep his eyes open for more work, but only if it is a permanent job with benefits.  There’s no sense leaving this job unless there are benefits, because the biggest problem we have right now is getting me adequate medical care.

We’re relaxed.  We feel comfortable again.  For now.

Side note:  HOLY PREDNISONE MOON FACE!  I knew it was coming and I’ve been on the Prednisone for almost a month now, and my face is puffing up like crazy.  Ick.  It’s still ten times better than it was on the Florinef though.  That shit was the worst ride ever.

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