Pig Belly

“What is it what is it whatisit??!”  I already knew a pressie was coming for my birthday because a friend told me to expect it Monday.  I was so excited to see what I got and I couldn’t wait.  When the box got here I practically wiggled with excitement.


Thank you so much!  Knowing my love of tea she got me two absolutely a-fucking-dorable mugs!  As soon as I finish up the honey vanilla chamomile I’m drinking I’m going to make a new cup of tea in one of these!  How cute are they?!  If that wasn’t enough she also sent me a pig tea infuser.  PIG!!  Lookie!


I had to include a close up of the tea infuser.  It’s so cute how the pig belly comes off!

I am a very lucky kitty to get so many birthday presents this year.  I am so appreciative and grateful.  My blog is practically the present hour lately.

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