Since my recent bad news, we don’t know how long it will be before I can get treatment for my autoimmune disorder.  As soon as Master Pravus can get back to work on Tuesday, he has a laundry list of doctors he’s going to call on his lunch break.  Unfortunately, calling doctors is one of the things I can’t do when we’re setting appointments because I don’t know Master Pravus’ work schedule so he has to be the one to figure out when I can get in.  Now I do call for other reasons, but when there is an appointment involved I simply cannot call.  Regardless, as I said before I have to taper off the meds I’m on and the meds I’m on help me out a whole lot.  It’s a sad thing but there’s nothing we can do about it for now.

Meanwhile, this means that I’ll probably stop having such severe insomnia, which is probably the silver lining.  My moon face should disappear after I stop the meds completely too, which will also be nice because it is really embarrassing and I hate it so much.  I’ll stop having such severe skin bruising (which I haven’t talked about, but it will be good to see that go), my hair should stop falling out (I’ve been losing 15-20 long hairs by the root every time I shower and every time I brush, sucky!) and a slew of other side effects.  The effects were all tolerable only because living without the meds is definitely way worse than living with them.  Still, if I absolutely must stop them, I guess I can see a couple of “meanwhile” plus sides.

One thing that was actually good about the insomnia I was having though…  I was crazy productive at night!  That’s kind of how I have been since I got sick anyway.  I was always a morning person (and that’s still my favorite time of day, even if I have trouble with it), but now that I’m sick it takes me hours to get moving in the morning, for a lot of reasons that don’t really affect the bottom line.  As the day goes on, I do get a bit better (usually) and by the end of the day you might not even notice the struggle I have.  You might, if you knew me well enough, or if I had to leave the house.

The end of day and evening are the best for me physically though, so it’s the time of day the most gets done.  I don’t even typically get to work until about two or three in the afternoon on most good days, even though I’m typically up by eight or nine in the morning.  I mean, I crochet on the couch when I’m “gearing up” but that’s about all I can handle until mid to late afternoon.  Other than that, I’m really stuck unable to do much for quite a while.

Master Pravus gets home usually just after four and so you can see how that doesn’t leave me a lot of time to do chores or get much done period.  There are also many days when I’m not well enough to sit up or I can only sit up at the table to sew for ten or fifteen minutes.  It’s not easy, but I always do my best.

With my newly found insomnia from the steroids, I was able to get all of my chores done at night, plus extras, and then I was sitting up and crocheting (if I had the yarn) or playing video games/and or relaxing until I was sleepy.  Master Pravus liked this a lot.  It’s really awesome when he gets to wake up in the morning and all the chores are done, without having to watch me do them when he gets home.  I almost never was getting them all the way done while he was at work.  I always managed it no problem before I got this sick, but now that I’m this sick, it just doesn’t happen.

So, Master Pravus is going to let me become a night owl.  Sort of.  He’s not going to force me to stay up until three or four in the morning like the steroids do, but he’s going to put my cuffs on me before he goes to bed, let me do my chores, and then I can come to bed whenever I’m tired.  Since I won’t be on the medicine I’ll be tired much sooner than I am now, but I should be able to accomplish the things I need to do before going to bed.  This, in turn, allows the house to be cleaner and for me to sleep better because I’m not tossing and turning.  It would be cool if we got all my health stuff under control and I could have my bed time back, but there’s just no point right now.  Sometimes, you just have to figure out the right life hack, and for me and Master Pravus this is kind of it for the moment.

As I was waking up on Saturday, Master Pravus brought me a couple of flashcards.  They are the ones you see above.  On one side, they list a breakfast, and on the other side, they list everything Master Pravus needs in the morning to make said breakfast for himself that I need to leave out and prepare for him.  

I thought this was really swanky!  He’s having me study the flashcards so now I have a new chore.  He’ll tell me which breakfast he wants in the morning, and I will be leaving out the proper things so that he has that much more time to get ready.  

He doesn’t wake me in the morning because it’s really important to him that I sleep as much as I can.  Still, even if I am asleep when he is awake at five AM cooking his breakfast, this is one more way I can help even without quite being there, and I love the idea.  Plus, he really did make it super easy for me by making these lists.  It won’t be hard for me to memorize them, and I look forward to having one more thing that I can do to make his life easier.

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