Fireside Bubble Blast


This past weekend was Memorial Day.  Honestly, we’re not huge celebrators.  We see Memorial Day as a day to have off from work (OK, we worked a bit on the Mewtique, but having trouble keeping things is stock is a good problem to have, and we are not complaining!)  Still, if Master Pravus had needed to go into work or something, we wouldn’t have been too pissy over it.  It’s Memorial Day not Halloween.

We had looked into the weather a couple of days prior to be sure it’d be good grilling weather.  Scattered showers in the mid to late afternoon that pass quickly and were no big deal were predicted.  Okay, sounds good.  That’s how the weather has been lately and so we’d expected to have a random storm here or there but generally be okay to grill and make fire.  Party on.

Master Pravus went out early that morning and got us some fresh bread.  It’s one of the few foods I can nibble at in small amounts that we usually buy for holidays.  I can pick at cheese too (low fat kinds), but we always have some of that on hand.  He had got himself some sausage and he picked me up a very cool tea cup that he excitedly threw at me when he got in the door.  It is absolutely fab.  I am in love with it!

We had decided we were going to go outside to start up a fire and sit by it smelling the amazing wood smoke about four, and of course the second we started getting ready we heard rumblings of intense thunder.  Very intense.  At first I had thought a giant truck was rolling by the house because I could feel it shake!  That is some crazy fucking thunder!

Slightly dismayed at the prospect of missing out on our first fire of the season, Master Pravus decided we would watch a TV show and afterwards we could check on the weather.  After the show it appeared to still be pretty grey, but it looked like the rain was moving off and everything was dry.  The intense bit of rain we got did indeed come and go.  Master Pravus ran outside to get the grill ready, and I put a bra on and some clothes because neighbors.  I do try to be polite.  We don’t have a completely private fence.  Maybe someday.

I don’t ordinarily do this, but I put some earrings and a bracelet on too.  I wanted to be extra cute for Master Pravus.  I normally only do that kind of thing when we go out of the house (even just for errands) because there is no rule for wearing jewelry when at home (except my collar, but that is something I never ever ever like taking off and it only comes off when completely mandatory!)

Our holiday time outside by the fabulously smelling fire was not long lasting.  I played a bit with a lightsaber bubble wand that Master Pravus got me several years ago, but which I continue to refill because bubbles and Star Wars!  I twirled a bit and watched as the bubbles flew all over ours and the neighbors’ lawns.  It has been a while since I played with bubbles and it was a lot more fun and magical than I remember.  Even Master Pravus couldn’t help but smile and laugh watching me play.

I tired myself out pretty easily unfortunately, and I mainly spend my time sitting there watching the fire.  In the hustle and bustle of the busy work week we had forgotten to check the propane tank in preparation for the upcoming fire party and sadly, it was completely out when Master Pravus went to use it.  He had to grill his sausage over the fire pit, which wasn’t really the worst plan ever.  That is, until we remembered we put a Duraflame log on there and so he couldn’t eat it.  

We brought the rest of the sausage inside to cook on the stove figuring we would just bring it back out to sit by the fire again, and guess what?  While we were inside cooking the skies opened up with major thunder and lightning again and this time there was a steady rain that lasted long enough that we never made it back outside.  So sad.  It was not the fireside hangout evening we were picturing.

Despite the rain and the thunder, being able to have our first fire of the season was still really nice.  There will be plenty of summer nights ahead and we both look forward to breaking out the fire pit in the coming months.  As much as I don’t really like summer, I do really love fire, so even our little hour outside with the fire pit and bubbles was a lovely little change of pace.

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