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Here’s a picture Master Pravus took of me outside in front of our tree after my doctor appointment on Saturday.  That’s not our house in the background.  Our house is off to the right.  That’s the neighbor’s house.  Master Pravus has been trying to take pictures of me outside when I go lately.  I think just to prove that I do leave the house.  Ha ha.

I had an appointment with my GP this past weekend, which I waited over a month for.  It’s hard because I had to have a Saturday appointment since I can’t drive due to my condition and we don’t want Master Pravus missing any more work than he needs to.  His being on contract means that if he misses work he just doesn’t get paid, and he has no paid time off right now either.  Since my GP has Saturday appointments, wait we did.

We got in there and my GP was actually a lot more proactive than usual.  With the lengthy referral that my neurologist wrote me, she was happy to write me an urgent rheumatologist referral (YAY!) and she told me they should see me within one to two weeks.  AWESOME.  She also put me back on the Prednisone, (oh thank goodness) though she started me at a lower dose and is having me taper up to see what the lowest dose that I can function at is.  I am happy with this approach, but doubtful that I’ll be at a much lower dose than I was at seeing as how even the smallest drop had me feeling terrible.  Still, we’ll see what happens.  She also increased my potassium supplement so that with any luck my potassium stops dropping and she told me that if it keeps dropping she’ll even put some in my weekly IVs again like we used to do.  THANK YOU FOR BEING PROACTIVE FOR ONCE.  It’s like, now that I can hardly function they are willing to help me but before when I was kind of sort of functioning I got next to no help.  The medical system is completely bullshit.

I’m still not feeling amazing and I’m still using my wheelchair off and on right now because I’m dealing with tapering back onto the steroid so I’m not yet at the optimal dose that will have me back to “functional Kitty.”  Hopefully soon though.  The weekend was hotter than balls (over 100* on Sunday!) and we wound up going back and fourth between the little pink kitty pool outside and inside to play Xbox monopoly. 

The Summer is for sitting around in the pool waiting for it to pass, says we.  We are not fans of the heat and it has been so humid here the last couple of years that the swamp cooler doesn’t work the way it should.  Balls.  At least we have our little mini pool and that “snake” mister that we bought last year to sit by in our little tent. To be honest, I can’t believe how well that little plastic pool has been holding up since I’ve had it about a year and I’ve used it so often (even in the house a bunch!)

Sunday we had to be up early for Infusion so we had to get up early two days in a row this weekend.  Not the most exciting weekend ever, but at least we got the referrals we needed and I got my fluids.  Next Sunday we’ll get to sleep in, and I’m hoping I’ll start getting my energy back up soon because we’ll figure out the right dose of steroids.  Progress is being made!

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