Fire of All Sorts

This weekend went so well.  We’ve figured out the right amount of steroids for me, but (as I guessed) not much less than the initial super mega dose.  Still, with steroids the least amount of medicine is key because the side effects are gnarly and terrible.  We don’t like me having to take them at all but that’s not an option.

Saturday was Infusion day, as usual.  After Infusion we went to get me my drink and we were both happy that I was able to stand up and walk inside to get it.  Even though it’s just a single item, I can’t always do that because you never know what the line will be like and I can’t always stand for more than five or ten minutes at a time.

We had a couple very short errands to run nearby and after that we decided we were going to buy fireworks on the way home.  Last year we waited until the day of the fourth to buy anything, and it was a much more spur-of-the-moment kind of thing.  This year we planned ahead so as not to be trapped in a building with a thousand sweaty hot people with lines out the door to buy about ten dollars worth of fireworks.

I say “fireworks” because I guess that’s what they are.  We don’t do anything that shoots off the ground or screams (because ew, no).  We just like the sparklers and the morning glories, and Applepig always gets his tank.  I think there’s still a tank left over from last year, but we needed a “fresh” one of course (they don’t always work as great if they have been sitting in a damp basement for a year) and I needed more “Pop-Its.”  We found about a half a box of them kicking around and Master Pravus knows those things are my favorite.  I like to “phwack” ’em at the ground at breakneck speed…  And then pout a bit when they somehow bounce over to the grass, don’t go off, and I have to pick them up and aim at the sidewalk better.  Hahaha.  The sound they make is just too fun though, and it’s not the sort of thing that wakes the neighbors up out of a sound sleep at two in the morning. 

Right now the fireworks tents are more common than the Hatch Chili tents, which will not be true for much longer.  There’s one on every street corner, and we decided to hit up the one closest to the house.  We went in there, and we walked around looking at tables.  Master Pravus asked me if anything looked good to me.  I told him that I hadn’t really been looking.  I was just kind of following him around to see what he was going to get.  He gave me permission to walk ahead of him, but only if I stayed at whatever table he was at.  (The tables were each about eight feet long).  He told me I could bring back fireworks for him to approve or veto if there was anything that I thought looked good.  This is a very unusual occurance for us, because I don’t usually get “free rein” like that.  It wasn’t a completely free rein, more an invisible tether, but I always keep a bit behind him when I’m able to walk (or even when I’m in a motorized scooter) so it’s always weird being told I can walk ahead.

So I started to walk ahead, and the only thing I really saw that I liked were some neon colored sparklers.  I asked Master if we could get them and he said we could.  The tent we had stopped at was actually pretty huge, and our needs were pretty simple, a tank, a couple packs of morning glories, and maybe some sparklers.  That’s not hard.  We did find the tank, we found a couple of sparklers, but no morning glories.  Bizarre! 

Up at the checkout, the guy hadn’t even heard of morning glories.  What?  They are really frigging common.  Ooh, on the way out though, we did run into a firework shaped like a tea pot!  I’m kind of obsessed with tea, so Master Pravus let me get one.  I think it’s going to spin and scream so we’ll probably hate it, but we’ll light it off early in the night.  The novelty was too much!

We got in the car and dropped the fireworks off at home, but Master Pravus thought we aught to give the morning glories one last shot.  As I said, there are literally fireworks tents and stores all over the area we live in and it’s such an easy to find item that why not? So we ran back out.

The second place we went to was an actual store.  It was a tiny store, maybe a quarter the size of our house (and we live in a shoebox! LOL!) but guess what? They had morning glories.  They had three different sizes, thank you very much.  Not hard.  I’m glad we went.

Around twilight Master Pravus got the idea to set up the fire pit and have ourselves a little campfire.  It was so nice.  We love sitting by the fire, and I even brought out a couple marshmallows which were fun to toast as the sun went down.  I drank tea and we burned incense.  We bought so many morning glories for the fourth that Master Pravus thought it would be fine to burn a couple as it got darker out.  We sprayed the grass with the hose to get it wet (can’t be too careful!) and then burned about a pack of morning glories twirling and dancing and watching the sparks shoot off here and there.  One of the few perks of Summer.

Sunday we had nowhere to be, and we were pretty excited about that.  The only downside is that it was ridiculously fucking hot.  That’s the Summer for you.  We’re not Summer people.  We spent most of Sunday indoors hiding from the heat, though we did run out to the tent and the pool a couple of times which was nice.

I was feeling so good on both days, that I was well enough to go outside to do my sweeping of the porch, and that’s something I haven’t been up to doing in so long that I don’t honestly remember the last time I did it.  Sometime in the last year, sure, but I don’t recall when.  Both times that I went out there, Master Pravus came with me to watch.  He just stood there with his drink and would chat with me, and I swept until I was tired.  I got the whole porch looking good and I did part of the driveway and the walkway, but I didn’t finish the walkway or driveway on either day due in part to starting to get tired, and also in part to needing to stay in the shade.  Master Pravus was very impressed with me both times that I swept.  I brought it up on my own, and I took the initiative, and he had no idea that I was feeling well enough to sweep the porch at all until I said something.  The porch does look a lot better, if I do say so myself.  I take the initiative on a lot of my chores, but I don’t think he thought I’d go outside into the heat if I could avoid it.

Next weekend is a three day weekend, and we’re not planning on anything special apart from the fireworks we already bought and not going anywhere.  I can’t wait.

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