Dirt Pie

I was so excited last week when I found out that I was well on the way to seeing a rheumatologist.  My GP got me the referral I thought was the final step, and with my super “easy” visit in my back pocket I merrily went on my way taking my steroids and waiting until I could get in and get some better medicine so I could start feeling better but with less (or different, I guess) risks than the steroids have.

Master Pravus called as soon as he could to get me in to see the rheumatologist and he left a message.  After a few days he called back, and when no one returned his call he called back a third time. This time he got a person not a machine, and that person told him that the reason he hadn’t received a return phone call is because they don’t take our insurance.  Excuse me

It’s only courtesy and would have taken you less than a couple of minutes to leave us a message saying that you don’t take our insurance.  We have been waiting to see a rheumatologist for months now and we thought the office was just busy.  Frustratingly, we now know they don’t take our insurance and we’re still on the hunt.  We could have continued looking immediately instead of waiting politely for you to return our call, but thanks for wasting our time.  Really appreciate that.

I’m so beyond frustrated you have no idea.  I’m glad I have some treatment for my disease, but I need more.  It’s dangerous to be on steroids long term, so I know that’s not an option.  As soon as Master Pravus sent me an email with the news that the new rheumatologist doesn’t take our insurance, my heart just sunk.  This is such a roller coaster.  I really should not get my hopes up again until I get in and actually see one.  Insurance is awful.  I know everyone makes mistakes, but it really bugs me that my GP referred me to someone who doesn’t even take my insurance.  I hadn’t even thought of that as being another potential road block for me.

The search continues.

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