I’ve been so ill lately that my blog has gone away from me again but now that I’m feeling a little better on my “interim” medicine I thought I’d try to put the pieces all in one post to make it easier to figure out what’s going on.  So here’s a couple tidbits in one place that I couldn’t figure out how to squeeze in anywhere else.

My high undercut, which we love, is growing out.  We still love my (xxx) undercut we really hope to have my high undercut back someday, but right now it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Since I started the steroids I’m losing a lot of hair.  A lot of hair.  I don’t have a bald spot (yet), but I’ll wake up with clumps of ten or fifteen hairs on my pillow, and every time I brush my hair (no matter how gentle I am) I wind up with a ton of hair on the brush (or comb, even with a wide-toothed comb).  We decided to just let what hair will grow alone in order to make the problem on the whole less noticeable since unfortunately, my hair is getting pretty thin right now.  Hopefully when I get off the medicine I’m currently on we can recut my hair but we’re leaving it for now.

We uninstalled the swamp cooler.  It wasn’t really very great last year when we put it in, but it did make the house more tolerable.  The problem, we think, is the shape of our house and the place we needed to put the swamp cooler (due to hoses, etc).  Regardless, it wouldn’t reach the Mewtique room and it wasn’t getting the computer room or the front room cool enough and when it was, it still felt a lot hotter than it was because it was so humid.  If it was one hundred degrees outside, it might be seventy three inside, but with sixty eight or seventy percent humidity that feels awful.  I’ve always been really ill in the heat, and this year has been especially bad so Master Pravus made the decision to get rid of the swamp cooler and buy a couple of window box AC units.  Oh, how we both miss central AC, but this does make the house a lot more tolerable and less damp and we both feel a lot more comfortable.  We already had a window AC unit for the bedroom (so we could sleep) but now there’s one in the Mewtique room and one in the front room.  So much better.

My stomach is hit and miss, but that’s better than it was on the full-tilt steroids before.  I’m able to eat more than I was before, but still nothing amazing.  There’s lots I’ll never be able to eat again because of Gob, (even if they could magically cure the gastroparesis,) but at least now I’m able to eat more gastroparesis friendly foods like eggs and dry toast and low fat dairy.  Lots of baby foods going on over here still, but that’s okay.  Oh, and I’ve had enough energy that we’ve been able to incorporate very small (one exercise per day) of strength training exercises back into my routine.  We’re hoping to help with some of the muscle loss the steroid is causing.  Hopefully as my energy returns I’ll be able to do more, but in the meantime, even getting in a bit of strength training is better than none.

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