Nephrology, Take Two

The oddest thing going into this post is that, when Master Pravus and me saw the Nephrologist we saw a few months or so ago we left there feeling pretty relieved and not worried at all about my kidneys.  The doctor we saw said something wasn’t quite right, but he was planning to monitor it and we weren’t too worried because if someone is watching it then it’s no biggie.  If something needs treating, they will spring into action, yes?  That’s what we figured, so we just put the thing out of our minds.

My neurologist did not like this guy at all for whatever reason.  She talked to him on the phone and found him to be dismissive.  She said he was only worried about my kidney stones, but she’s worried something else is wrong, so she told me to get a second opinion and she gave me the name and number of someone who would take my insurance.  The weird thing is that, normally it’s not the doctor wanting a second opinion.  It’s me and Master Pravus.  HA!  Still, it wasn’t going to hurt us to go so we figured we would just go and see what was going on.

It was a long appointment, we were there almost an hour despite the fact that the doctor herself was pretty rushy with us.  It was a little bit stressful because she was obviously a very busy woman and she didn’t have time for me to elaborate on anything.  It’s not easy though because I have a lot of complicated conditions and she would ask me things and then cut me off and I was trying to be concise but not leave anything else.  Still, as we were going through everything she explained that she thinks that based on my blood work I obviously need to see a….



Okay.  Sorry.  I’m done laughing.  I’ve been trying to get in to see a Rheumatologist since at least March, so I mean.  Yeah.  I’m aware.

She asked why I hadn’t seen one yet, and I said we have been trying for months but getting a referral that our insurance would accept on top of finding a Rheumatologist that takes our insurance has been a nightmare.

“Why hasn’t your GP gotten you in to see a Rheumatologist?”

“Because she said that her referral wouldn’t count.”

The nephrologist held her hand up to silence us and rolled her eyes.

“She could get you in.  I am going to get you in.”

She explained that it’s going to take her a little bit to compile a referral for me, but she’s going to do it.  As I said before, I’m going to go ahead and not hold my breath because every time my hopes get up they get squashed and it’s just easier to not get too excited right now.  If it happens, it happens, and in the meantime I’ll keep fighting the best way I know how which is day by motherfucking day.

So, we left the office kind of hopeful, but with nothing “new.”  She was nice, even if rushy, and she does seem to want to help me, which gives me some hope.  She did say pretty much what the other nephrologist said which is that, something is up with my kidneys but it’s nothing major right now thankfully. There are things with them that are wrong, but not terribly wrong.  So, we have time to figure it out and in the meantime that’s not the most urgent thing.  I just need to be monitored.  So, we’re monitoring.  No new tests or meds or anything right now.  Let’s just get that referral.  Maybe.

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