Fire and Water


Friday night was hot as Hell.  This Summer has been absolutely brutal here lately and we’ve been using the pink pool a lot more often than usual.  Well, I have.  Master sticks his feet in while I sit in there, but there’s no room for the both of us to be in the pink pool really.  Friday we filled the pink pool and Master Pravus pulled out a clove and started smoking it while we chatted idly and I suddenly burst out with:

“UH OH!”

“What’s wrong?” He asked playfully.

I only “uh-oh” when something is wrong, but in a non-serious type of way.  I pointed to a spot on the pink pool where the plastic was warped.  Then I pointed to another, and another.  These had all cropped up overnight but truthfully for a pool that’s lasted well over a year of constant use I really don’t think we can complain.  It cost us maybe $8 to begin with.  I’m surprised the pool is even still kicking.

“I guess we’re going to need to get a new one tomorrow, then.”  he says.

We got all the way down to the hardware store and they had two size pools.  The usual size “kitty” pool that we had before, and a much bigger “wading pool.”  Master Pravus was attracted to the wading pool because then he could fit in there too, so that’s what we got.  The new pool is blue, and has turtles all over it!  Turtles are awesome!  We’re still going to pick up a smaller “kitty” pool so that if I’m having a rough day we can fill up a small pool easily that only I can fit in (because it’s a lot more work to fill up and empty the giant wading pool) but over the weekend it was nice being able to sit in the pool with the both of us.

It was not the most thrilling of weekends.  We had a couple “minor” errands to run after we went to Infusion Saturday, and it turned into an all day affair in temps close to a hundred degrees!  We needed two items and it seemed no store had them so we ran around all day until about 5:30PM when we finally found them and made it home.  That was not our plan at all, and by the time we got home I was feeling terrible and dehydrated (despite starting my day off with two bags of fluid at Infusion) and even Master Pravus was wilted.

The next morning, we had plans to play with the campfire again.

master in the morning

I woke up and sent Master a note on Couple because he wasn’t in the house and I heard the mower running so I knew he was outside.  (I always let him know when I am awake!)  He had already started up a fire and brought my sun tea out (awww) and he sent me this picture.  He loves the fire pit and it was early enough in the day that the sun hadn’t wilted him yet.

Most of the day was spent in the shade or in the house trying to avoid the sun.  I felt terrible, and I was having problems with another blockage, so I wasn’t in the best of spirits or energy that day.

We did get to play Pokémon Go a couple of times, and I caught some Pokémon in the back yard!  Ha!  That is, when the servers were up.


In the evening, when the sun was starting to go down, Master Pravus set up another fire for me and let me make some thin soup on it for myself.

It wasn’t anything fancy, but Master Pravus thought I looked cute “cooking” it over the fire.  Of course, he did help with things like picking up that heavy grate.


On a very silly note, at one point Master Pravus had me kneel down with my cup in front of the fire and “Try to look hungry” while my soup cooked.  I can NOT look hungry to save my life.  It just kind of reminded me of that other time he told me to try to look hungry and I failed at it.  The only difference this time is we didn’t go at it in the back yard (it’s not a private yard.  There may be a fence, but you can still see the neighbors and everyone is outside in this heat BBQing etc.) but it made me giggle when I saw the picture later.

I also did a bit of raking.  Nothing too crazy.  I would rake for two or three minutes, put the rake down, sit, go back at it for another couple minutes.  I wasn’t feeling great as I already said but activity can help with blockages so I was trying to still be active even though I didn’t feel like it.

The worst part about the weekend was that between the all day run-around on Saturday and blockage on Sunday we didn’t get to play at all.  I can’t remember the last weekend we didn’t get any playtime in.  Usually we get at least some in!  I know we’re lucky to live alone so it’s not like it won’t get rectified during the week but that just made a bad weekend even worse.  Usually there is a lot more time on the weekend for things like that, but this weekend nothing seemed to want to go right I felt like.  I wish you could call a mulligan on weekends like this.  Here’s to a better one next weekend.  (And also to a better tummy!)

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