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Hazy, hot, summery summer.  I’m still not too pleased with it, but we’re figuring it out and we’ll probably have it completely figured out right in time for Autumn, which is how it always goes, right?  This weekend was supposed to be another scorcher, and I caught myself saying every so often “I can’t wait for August.”  At first Master Pravus looked at me and asked “What’s in August?”  “August has lower temps on average than July in our area.”  “I can’t wait for August either.”  Ha!  It’s kind of sad that I even know about the average temps.  It tells you how bad it is that I even had to look that up.  I needed something to look forward to because Autumn is just too far away to get excited about.

Friday night we decided to go for some ice cream and afterwards we went to a little park nearby to do some light walking around.  It was the coolest thing I’ve experienced in a while because we ran into a bunch of people who were playing Pokemon, and I’ve never seen anything like it!  I have never ever seen an entire park full of people who were just all playing a phone game like that.  Every person at the park except for one or two dog walkers were playing.  Everyone was courteous, everyone was friendly, everyone was having fun!  As we were walking around with our phones, people were jokingly asking which teams each other were on:

“Hey!  What team are you?”



I overheard that but both parties who were chatting busted out laughing and it wasn’t actually said with any kind of cruelty or as bad as it sounds.  People were walking up to us to tell us there was an Alakazam behind us or a Crabby to the east.  It was just kind of nifty.  It’s the only time we’ve gone out and actually Pokemon hunted “in public” because usually I just play Pokemon while I’m sitting in the car and we’re parking or stuck in traffic I’ll hit up a Pokestop.  I’ll hunt a bit in the backyard too, but there’s almost never anything there.  It was just so chill and calm and it was cloudy and cool and we even saw a double rainbow.  A lovely evening and a nice little walk together.

Infusion was Saturday and it went fine.  One of my favorite nurses was on so we got to chat a bit.  All my bloodwork that was done came back good too, though there are a couple of results that have to be sent away and you need to wait a week or more for them to come back.  So we’ll wait on those but in the meantime I’m happy that things are looking good.  

I got a higher dose of potassium than I was on before (and I have been taking a lot) so now I’m taking an actual shitfuckle, but my blood level was actually in the middle of the range instead of just barely over the line now so we were pretty thrilled about that.  Little things matter!  It will probably take a couple weeks to really feel like my energy is coming back up but it’ll definitely start improving now.  Hooray!

Stomach problems were a really big issue all weekend, but I tried not to let them get in the way of things.  It’s just really hard between Gob and gastroparesis, and either one of those could be a challenge to manage.  On Friday I accidentally ate some potato skin, and it upset Gob and the gastroparesis because peels are not good for either one of those.  The potato skin was inside some baby food I was eating..  That has never happened before!  Baby food never has skins, that’s the entire point!  Well, lesson learned.  

In my (almost a year!) of eating baby food periodically I’ve never had that happen but I’ll be a lot more careful in the future.  We’ve been trying different methods to help both Gob and the gastroparesis, but it’s still no walk in the park some days.  I tell ya when Gob is working it’s wonderful, but when anything goes wrong the gastroparesis makes it take so long to clear up and it can be a nightmare.  It is still way better than before, but it’s still far from easy.

We tried to get a new sun shade to replace the one that got destroyed in the freak storm we had last week, but the store didn’t have any and it was ninety-six degrees and we didn’t feel like running all around town searching for one so we’ll just keep an eye out when we’re shopping next.  Master Pravus did salvage some of the metal legs from the destroyed one and the roof as well so that we can make repairs on the remaining one if need be.  

We live in such a weird area.  I’ve never lived in such a place where blizzards and dime-sized hail can come up out of nowhere and crush things completely without warning.  Thanks for nothing, meteorologists!  In fact, we wound up with a freak storm this weekend too, though luckily nothing got damaged.  The “storm” was a quick one and passed by in about ten minutes but it had huge hail and no warning (again).  I just was on my way to the bathroom and noticed it out the window.  It was intense!  I tried to get a picture but all you could see was the window screen.

We kept trying to enjoy our little wading pool all weekend.  Saturday we filled it up with water from the hose and we packed a little cooler with drinks and went outside.  Less than five minutes after going outside we suddenly heard thunder though, and knew we had to go in.  We were expecting thunder this weekend, but before we got in we checked for clouds and we didn’t think the storm would be coming until later.  Nope.  It came the second we got wet.  A complete waste.  Boo!  We ran inside until the thunder passed and then we went back out to cover the wading pool with the tarp.

We didn’t go back in the pool for the rest of Saturday, but we stubbornly lit a campfire and tried to cook tea and soup on it pretty much for the rest of the night.  It was mainly sprinkling on and off and I’d try to rake a pike of things up here and there in between sitting and sipping tea.  With the clouds out near the end of the day it just felt so nice outside. We didn’t want to go in, and it wasn’t even sprinkling badly enough to kill our fire.  You can’t fight mother nature, but if there’s no lightning we weren’t too bothered.

While we were out there I found a cute new beetle, actually.


I’m sure they are pretty common, but I hadn’t seen many of them.  I liked its yellow and black back.  Master Pravus took a picture for me.  All weekend on and off one of these seemed to be near me somewhere and he would keep teasing me that “your little friend is back!”  I don’t mind some bugs, like beetles.  I really do not like spiders, but ladybugs and beetles don’t bother me as long as they aren’t in my house!  Outside though, I don’t mind admiring them a little bit.  This one was kind of a cutie.

Sunday was the quietest day we’ve had in a long while and it was the biggest relief ever.  I haven’t had a “rest” day in well over a week and Master Pravus kept trying to fit one in for me but we kept having to go out places.  Going out means I’m going to do more walking than I would have done at home and its almost impossible to not get my step goal.  That’s great most of the time, but I was getting a bit ragged.  He put his foot down on Saturday night and decided that Sunday we were going to make certain we weren’t going to go anywhere at all and that I would get a rest day off from needing to get my steps and strength training.  I still did chores and stuff, of course, but no pacing around or anything like that.

It’s a good thing Master Pravus chose Sunday for a rest day because I was completely wasted when I woke up.  Completely.  It took me hours to get going, but it usually does anyway I suppose.  Once I did, we got a campfire going and started to get tea made.

outside 2

There’s the shoop pot too.  With it being so hot indoors, we’ve really been enjoying cooking outside.  We still use the grill too, but it’s comforting to watching the fire and we love the smell of the smoke.  It’s relaxing.

We were able to get some playtime in, relax, and get everything ready for Monday.  Just a nice quiet day around the house together.

The only thing that sucked about Sunday?  Getting the pool all skimmed out, sitting down in it, getting cozy in Master’s lap….  And boom!  Another storm.


“I know, Kitty.”

“We have to get out now, don’t we?”

“Yes.  We do.”


It’s so impossible to predict.  We even went out much earlier in the day to try to beat the afternoon storms, and yet we still wound up in the pool when the thunder struck..  Despite checking for clouds (there were none) bizarre freaking weather we have here.  Bizarre.  We need the rain and all, but at least gimme a cloud or two so I can not go out in the pool and get all wet for nothing.


Oh, here’s a shot of Styxxie Master shot at one point when he caught her being totes adorbes in the Tower of Power.  Love that cat.

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