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If you’ve read my reviews here for any length of time, you know how I feel about rabbit style vibrators.  I just don’t really like them.  It’s not that I don’t like the concept of them, it’s just that they never fit my anatomy right and I find it to be less of a hassle to just use two vibrators because that way I know I can get them right where I want them.  However, I’m always willing to give it the old college try and I was definitely intrigued when Paloqueth offered to send me the 18 Speed Dual Motor G Spot Vibrator.  True, it’s a rabbit style vibrator, but it also heats up, charges via USB charging cable, has eighteen speeds, and is waterproof.  The toy itself is inexpensive for all that it offers, and it looked really cool.

Before my toy even arrived (in the pretty swanky box you see above!) I found that the people at Paloqueth were really good at answering emails, friendly, and great with their customer service.  I had a little problem getting the toy to me but they did get it fixed up for me and kept in excellent communication.  I really appreciated that.  The new bunny arrived in very discreet packaging too, and had no mention of what was inside.  My mailman had no clue what I was getting. In fact, not even I knew until I opened it!  (I get a lot of packages, so I wasn’t sure which one this was).  If you live with roommates, you won’t need to worry about your package arriving at your doorstep, but I would definitely open it out of sight of prying eyes.

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The toy is silicone, and it feels really premium in your hands.  It has a very slick, smooth feel so unfortunately it does collect lint and dander a bit.  Be careful where you set this one down!  It is reliably waterproof; I submerged it in the sink for thirty minutes while it was buzzing away and it suffered no battle damage!  Hooray!  If you wish to bring this one into the shower or bath, do so with confidence.

The 18 Speed Dual Motor G Spot Vibrator is very quiet.  You could use this in a roommate situation with ease.  I was surprised to find that when I played with it solo I could barely hear the toy even without a sheet over me.  It’s that quiet.  On the contrast to the toy’s quietness, it’s not super strong.  While it has varying speeds (18 modes, wowza!) I didn’t find that any of the speeds got higher than a three out of five.  I found that this was plenty strong enough to get me off, but if you need a super strong amount of vibration you may want to try another toy.

One thing that drew me to this toy was the whimsical design.  I like the fun shape of the clitoral stimulator, it isn’t your typical “rabbit.”  The whole shape kind of reminds me of a flower of some kind.  Cute!

How do you charge this?  USB.  Some people will like this, and some people will hate this.  For me?  I live with my Master and I don’t have any children or roommates so it’s not really a big deal to us.  I can plug my toy into my computer while I’m blogging and I know it is done charging when the flashing light turns solid.  Easy.  It can be kind of difficult to plug the charger into, but I did manage it.  The cord is really long (38″) so you can plug this in and still be able to lay it flat on a table or something while it charges.  One thing to note, the plug does not seem to go in the entire way when charging.  It does stick out about an eighth of an inch, see my picture:

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It took about two hours to charge, which is more than the ninety minutes you get to play with it.  (Could this have anything to do with the fact that the charger doesn’t push in the entire way?  Unsure.  Just a thought, though!)

The toy has simple controls.  Press and hold the bottom button to turn the toy on.  The middle button controls the clitoral vibe, and the top button controls the shaft.  The part that was a bit hard to figure out was the heating element.  There’s no instructions for how to turn it on.  What you need to do is to turn the toy on by pressing and holding the bottom button of the toy for three to five seconds.  When the toy comes on, the top two buttons will light up.  To turn the heating element on, press the on/off button again.  The lights will slowly flash and that’s how you’ll know it’s heating up.  It’ll stop flashing when it is fully heated.  It gets to a nice warm (but not too hot!) 99.5 degrees according to their website.  You can easily turn the heating element back off by pressing and holding the bottom button again.

The toy comes with a bottle of lube, which had no ingredients listed on it at all.  I checked the website, and there are no ingredients there either.  It does say that it is a water-based lube, and also that it is non staining and easy to clean.  I wouldn’t try it out on my genitals personally because I need to know what goes into something that goes on my body.  I did rub it between my fingers to get an idea of consistency and it is very slick but does have a slight sticky feel after a few minutes of rubbing.  When I washed it off, my fingers felt dryer than before I used it.  I wouldn’t buy this toy for the lube for sure, but it wouldn’t detract me either.

The actual insertable length of the shaft of the toy is about 4.75″, due to the positioning of the clitoral stimulator.  The widest part of the shaft is 4.5″ in circumference.  The clitoral stimulator is about 2.5″ long.  This is not a very big toy, but I enjoyed it a lot as a warm up toy and for partner play. 

I did find that it was a bit odd for me anatomy-wise again, as most rabbit vibes do tend to be for me.  I couldn’t use it the way I use most vibrators, but I found that a rocking motion was pretty perfect and allowed me to hit my clit just right on one stroke and luckily for me I was also able to hit my g-spot on the other.  I have a shallow g-spot though, so if you have a deeper g-spot this may not be your best g-spotting tool.

One of the things that I was really excited about with this toy was the heating element.  I have had a few vibrators in the past which heated up and I enjoyed them a lot.  Unfortunately, that was a long time ago and I wanted a replacement because I loved that.  The 18 Speed Dual Motor G Spot Vibrator does heat up wonderfully, and it feels really good.  Only the shaft heats up, and it does take a couple of minutes to reach its full temperature.  Even Master Pravus noticed it right away when we were first playing with it.

“Ooh!  This toy heats up!”

Yes, it does.  It does a good job of it too.

Washing this toy is really easy, due to the excellent construction of the silicone and the waterproofness.  You can use a 10% bleach solution, toy cleaner, or plain soap and water.  I like using soap and water and letting the toy air dry.  You can use any lubes you like that aren’t silicone-based because silicone will degrade the surface of the toy.

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Overall, this toy does a lot of cool things for under fifty bucks, and the only things I didn’t really like were the USB adapter not going in the entire way to charge it, and the lack of instructions that come with it.  I’d give this toy four paws:


Thank you Paloqueth, for giving me this toy for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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