Friday night Master Pravus had to work late.  I already knew he was going to have to work late because he had a ton of meetings and a congratulations party for someone who was getting a promotion on his team.  No biggie.  It’s always a bit sucky when the weekend starts later than normal though.  We’re both always so eager for the weekend to start.

Once he got home we set up the kitty pool.

DSCF8204 (800x600)

He let me wear one of his crummy shirts and he smoked a clove while I drank my gross cokes.  I hate those, but I can’t deny that they do help the tummy.

I was really excited about this upcoming weekend because Master Pravus and me were planning on going to a special function at the Zoo just for the employees where he works.  We were both excited because the event was after hours so it wouldn’t be during the day when the sun was out.  We love the Zoo but we never get to go in the Summer because it’s way too hot and I get sick in the heat so there’s no point in going.

Well, Friday I woke up and I had yet another partial blockage.  Major bummer.  I had a bad feeling because I started having stomach problems right before bed on Thursday night and I had nothing at all in my bag when I woke up the next day.  This is a very bad sign.  This has been happening so much lately that Master Pravus decided to buy me this journal here:

angry owl (800x749)

He let me choose the journal itself.  I chose the journal because I thought the owl looked kinda angry.  The point of the journal is to track my food, Gob’s output, etcetera and hopefully we can figure out some patterns and I’ll have less of these blockages to deal with.  Gastroparesis is kind of a pain in the ass in that even if you do everything right you can still have obstructions, but we’re sure there’s probably something we’re missing so we’re going to try to be a lot more careful than we are being in the hopes that I can feel better more often.  There’s nothing worse than having to leave the house when you’re bloated and having to chug soda and just not feeling great or have to eat even less than normal.  Bleh.

“Do you know why I liked this journal?” I asked.

“No, why?”

“This owl looks pissed off to me.  Does he look pissed off to you?”

“Maybe a little.”


And we both could not stop laughing.  Hopefully Angry owl helps us figure this out.  I feel like I have been dealing with a blockage every week this month, though it’s possible the first one never completely cleared and then little incidents keep dragging it out.

Saturday morning rolled around and I slept like a log.  I had the worst week stress-wise (I didn’t blog about it, it was a bunch of medical crap but it all worked out in the end) and I barely got any sleep at all.  It was awful.  I really needed that sleep Friday night.  I got into Infusion and I looked terrible.  I thought I was pulling it off OK but both nurses that were there were nurses who are pretty friendly with me, and we were chatting and they were both trying to get me to take a nap!  HA!  After I left there, I got a selfie at our next stop and I looked like this:

sleepy (450x800)

Sleepy!  Well, you can’t make up for an entire week of poor sleep in one night, but I normally look a little more alive after Infusion than I do before Infusion.  Ugh.

Saturday was a bit of a milestone for me in my exercises!  Most people wouldn’t be too proud of that, but it was not easy for me and some of those days I really struggled to get my steps, so I’m proud.

We had a couple of errands to run (it feels like there is always one on Saturday!) and then we went home, where we only had about an hour to prepare before going out.  Yep, going out.  We still decided to go out even though I felt awful.  One of the benefits of having Gob is not being chained to the bathroom, even if I don’t feel my best.  We knew I would need my wheelchair but that’s not the end of the world.

We got dressed and drove down to the Zoo, and were completely shocked at the amount of people there!  This was a company party for Master Pravus’ work, and we figured there would be a lot of people there but it was intense!  Lines were almost around the block and parking was a nightmare!  We are Zoo members and we go to events like Zoo Lights and Boo at the Zoo and neither of those events had nearly the amount of people that this one did, and those were open to the public.  We were just not prepared for the amount of people that were there, it was a huge shock!

While Master Pravus was wheeling me up to the Zoo itself (we had to park a ways away) I got to play Pokémon Go a bit and I caught a couple new pokemon for my Pokedex!  Tee hee.  I don’t get to play a ton because I don’t get to leave the house a lot.  One of my eggs even hatched and I got a bulbasaur!  Woo!

There were food stations all around with free food.  Luckily for me and Gob, there was free diet soda at every station so I could keep drinking (ugh!).  There was not a lot in the way of food I could eat, unfortunately.  Seeing that I was in a wheelchair, a man who was working the event offered to help get me some food, and he got me a hot dog, chips, and two cookies (he winked at me and told me not to tell anyone about the second cookie, what a complete sweetheart!).  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I wouldn’t be able to even eat the food he gave me.  Total bummer. 

Master Pravus cut the ends off of the hot dog (just to be super careful), and let me have one small bite (it had no casing), and then he only let me nibble at the bun (which I put mustard on so I could pretend I was eating something besides just some bread), and I had a bite of the chips and a bite of one of the cookies.  Mostly the food just sat there and I felt bad it went to waste. 

They had told us ahead of time there would be food to purchase, so we figured there would be “normal” Zoo food and Master could get a soft pretzel and give me a bite or two or maybe some ice cream (I can handle a little ice cream depending on the day if Master Pravus helps me).  We did find some pretzels and ice cream later on, at little stations, but we wouldn’t have got anything for me in the picnic areas if we had known ahead of time.

We didn’t actually run into anyone from Master Pravus’ team.  We saw a couple of people who work on the same floor as he does, but no one from his team.  He ran into someone who he used to work with back before the major downsize at his first job since we moved out here.  It’s a small world, I tell ya!  Talk about a huge company.

It was warm and a bit humid, but shady at first and the perfect temperature to wander around and go see all the animals.  I got to see the polar bear, and Master Pravus tried to see his favorite Zoo animal, the giant elephant shrew but it wasn’t out.  We got to see the zeebees (awww!) and we got to see the lions too!  We got to go see the monkeys and the elephants and we tried to see the red river hogs, but I got really scared because it started to get really dark.  We went anyway, but we didn’t see them because it was so dark, as I said. 

We did get to see some other things like the new pollinator path they put in which was cute (and tiny) and I pretended I had airplane wings as we went down the meager hill at the bottom.  Tee hee.  We left the Zoo about nine thirty which was kind of late and we were completely exhausted when we left.  That was about four and a half hours of strolling the Zoo from dusk to dark!  I wish it was open late all the time just because it’s so nice when the sun isn’t beating down on you.

Sunday was a bit of a bust because Master Pravus got what I’m jokingly calling “Zoo Crud” which is the Zoo version of “Con Crud.”  He was sick for most of the day, but nurse Kitty did her best to take care of him!  I tucked him in on the couch with the heating pad, brought him hydrating drinks and snuggled him when he wanted me to.  I don’t usually do any blogging over the weekend, but I did write this while he took a nap because all of my chores were caught up.  It wasn’t the best day ever, but I was glad I was there to take care of him and I hope that he’s feeling well enough on Monday.  I hope that both of us have iron stomachs by next weekend!

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