Mere Mortal



Master’s voice was hushed, but urgent.  I could tell something was wrong, but it didn’t sound like the house was burning down or like Applepig was having a heart attack.

I sleepily opened my eyes.

“Kitty!  It’s time to move you to your nest.”

See, I sleep in the bed with Master Pravus every night but he comes and moves me from the bed when he isn’t in it, and I sleep on the couch in my “kitty nest.”  If Master is home, he will let me sleep in the bed, but if he is not he will move me.

I could tell that Master Pravus was in a rush to move me.  He usually gets me up and I have about ten minutes in case I need to pee or check on Gob or whatever.  I could just tell from the urgency in his voice, though, that this was not the time to piss.  He probably would have let me but I thought he was late for work, and I didn’t want to make the situation worse.  I sleepily moved into the front room, crawled onto the couch, and snuggled in with Pygmalion.  He kissed me goodbye and I heard the door click.

I picked up my phone (which I keep right by the nest) to make sure if I went back to sleep I wouldn’t over sleep and I noticed it was 8:15AM.  Eight.  Fifteen.

Master usually gets me at six fifteen.  He puts me in the nest at 6 AM.  He wasn’t five minutes late for work, he was two hours late for work!  Master Pravus is on contract right now, and so his job isn’t guaranteed.  None of us have guaranteed work of course, but contractors obviously are easier to fire than people who are “permanent hires.”  I could see why he was so panicked when he woke me up.  Not only did he not want to be late, but obviously he didn’t want his job to be on the line.

Why was he late?  We were up all night the night before.  Errands took a lot longer than normal because he had an appointment right after work and the traffic was horrendous getting home.  Once we were home we had to change Gob, and then we had to do night chores.  I did everything I could possibly help with, but there are some things I just can’t do (like take the trash out, or lift the litter boxes, or pretty much anything that involves heavy lifting) and so Master Pravus was kind of forced to do those things on his own, as per usual.  Unfortunately, that meant he didn’t get to bed until over an hour after he was supposed to for the third night in a row.  We have had a couple of busy nights.

Then, it didn’t help that there was a spider on the ceiling and I woke him up at one in the morning to kill it.  He told me if I see any spiders to wake him up straight away, and that’s what I do when it happens.  It almost never does, I can recall three times this Summer it has (Summer is kind of garden spider season) but when it does of course I come and wake him up and he kills it for me.  He knows how much they terrify me or he wouldn’t let me wake him.

Sometimes I forget though that these things take a toll on Master Pravus.  I know that if I push myself too much then I’m going to be rubbish the next day, but anyone can overdo it and Master is definitely no exception to that.

While Master has a “bed time” it is self imposed and he could stay up as late as he likes.  He’s an adult though and he knows how much sleep he needs in order to be able to function at work the next day.  I don’t put him in bed, he puts himself there, and he knows when he needs to go.  The past few days he has been pushing himself extra hard, and I can tell.  I will say that, thankfully his pushing so hard is none of my fault.  I have been finishing my chores if only just barely.  The reason he is staying up so late is because of other things going on around us making things harder.

I see Master Pravus as somewhat invincible.  He’s my Master, after all.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is mere mortal, and even mortals need to rest.

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