Stinky Poo Thera-Pig Ropey Weekend


Friday when Master Pravus got home from work I was in the middle of getting dressed.  He had just sent me a note that we needed to go out and to get ready.  After I was ready, I went into the bathroom to do a tinkle run before we headed out the door, and look what was sitting on the toilet waiting for me!  HA!  How could I not laugh?  It’s a small book (maybe eight inches or so?) but so totally cute.  Like I need another coloring book.  Heh.  A year ago I would have probably cringed seeing this, but I guess I’ve loosened up on the poop jokes a bit since then.

Of course, the first page I had to color was the “Kitty Poo” page.

DSCF8394 (800x771)

I have this thing about coloring books.  Whenever I get a new one, I have to color a page as soon as humanly possible, and then I take my time and go at my own pace whenever the mood takes me.  It’s just that having a fresh coloring book means the mood takes me immediately.  So, I got to do a bit of coloring this weekend.

Saturday was Infusion, and I wasn’t feeling my best.  In fact, I felt awful.  Master Pravus had to leave me at Infusion so he could drop packages off at the post office, and while I was alone there the nurses kept hovering over me and asking me if I was in pain…  Even the one nurse I was pretty sure hated me!  Ha!  I wasn’t in any pain but I was pretty lightheaded and miserable with my stomach stuff still.  I’m still dealing with the same partial blockage, and it sucks hairy donkey balls.  It saps my energy and makes me feel lightheaded and dehydrated despite constantly chugging fluids.  Joy.

As usual on Saturday we had a bunch of errands to run, and we didn’t get home this time until after four in the afternoon.  Sucky.  When we got home, Master Pravus pulled out a special treat he had picked up for me when he was out dropping off packages.  He said he saw it for me and he knew I had to have it!


Isn’t she cute?  She’s a thera-pig.  You can put her in the microwave or freezer to heat her up or cool her, so I put her in the microwave to try to help along my stomach.  It is the cutest little piggy and it heats up the little pearls inside it.  It stays warm for a good while too and then I just pop it back in the microwave when I’m up and about doing chores or whatever before I go back to sitting.  I spent most of the evening on Saturday with my new little thera-pig and then we went outside so Master Pravus could (xxx) smoke and I got into the blue pool.


It was dark when we were out there, and he brought the lamp.  He kept telling me how pretty I looked in the lamp light and he tried to take pictures but most of them didn’t really come out.  Unfortunately, while we were out there a spider bit my ankle and I have a weepy, gross spider bite on my left ankle now.  Yuck!  It’s obviously not serious or anything like that, but it’s gross and itchy and not fun.  At the time that kind of ended our pool party and we went inside to relax before bed.

Relaxing wasn’t entirely what happened, though.  My phone started to act up really badly and Master Pravus decided we had to back it up, wipe it, and start it again from scratch.  Great.  He spent hours on it that night, and it’s still acting like shit as I type this.  I think we got another “lemon.”  I have no idea what is going on with me and phones this year but we are having absolutely no luck at all with them!

Sunday was a bit more exciting.  Master Pravus got around to fixing up the blinds in the bedroom which were broken.  Dongalor likes to fuck with the blinds if we forget to open them before we leave because he likes to look out and he totally destroyed the ones in the bedroom.  So, homeowner powers activate!


DSCF8400 (600x800)

The blinds are both fixed and sturdy now!  Woot.  Since we had to replace them, we upgraded them to a pair that would be harder to break.  Dongalor’s head approves.


After, Master Pravus needed a practice bunny for some random ropey stuff he wanted to experiment with.  He originally pulled out the sisal rope, because we both love it so much, but he changed to this silkier rope when he realized I had my easier to snag higher compression socks on because they’re expensive and he didn’t want to tear them.

DSCF8390 (800x595)

We spent a long while just dicking around with various ties, mainly on my legs and titties.  After he was done he told me I had been very good and he wanted to (xxx) reward me with an orgasm for being such a good practice ass.  Lucky kitty!  I consider being in rope at all to be a great reward, but I definitely don’t turn down an orgasm when given the chance either.  Not that he asked me if I wanted one, told me I was getting one was what he did.

DSCF8393 (800x558)

Of course, after he was done having his way with me, I became quite a floppy little kitty and I wandered into the front room afterwards where I don’t remember much for a while.  This is not a complaint.

The rest of Sunday was spent watching the Olympics on and off in between chores and stuff.  I don’t really care about watching most sports except for gymnastics, but Master Pravus likes to watch the swimming as well.  Swimming is one of those sports that I love to do, but I think is a bit dull to watch (swimming back and fourth in a lane? Meh).  I do really like watching the synchronized diving though!  Pretty!  Plus, it is practically gymnastics!  Hahaha!  I’ll watch the lane swimming regardless because Master Pravus likes it, but if I am home alone it’s not something I’d just put on for myself.  I got to dicker around with my scrap yarn a little bit which was fun.  Even though this wasn’t my best weekend health wise with my stomach, it was still overall not the worst.  Spending it with Master Pravus just makes it even better.

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