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Last week was tough.  It wasn’t really that anything horrible happened, but we didn’t get to spend much time together because Master Pravus had to stay late at work nearly every single day.  It was so bad that despite the fact that he had dental appointments and the chiropractor last week, work asked him to return after his appointments were done.  Of course he did, we’re doing everything to stay on the good side of the people he works with but that doesn’t mean it didn’t suck a little.  He rarely got home before seven at night (sometimes later!) last week, and we have a very busy schedule once he gets home so we didn’t get much time together.  It was awful.  Still, we were looking forward to the weekend so we could be together.

Friday night rolled around and Master Pravus seemed to be on schedule..  Until I got a note letting me know he’d be late by about a half hour.  That’s not so bad of course, but we were both pretty hungry for the weekend to start so we were both a bit bummed.  No point in starting dinner for him yet, either.  Once he got home we were both so happy to see each other.  I greeted him at the door and then I set about trying to fix him some food.

While I was in the kitchen, Master Pravus told me to stop moving so he could get a picture of my neck.  I thought that was a bit odd, but I stood there.  He moved my collar a little bit for the picture and then he shot it.  He showed me this:

collar bruise

Interesting.  I seem to be developing a bruise from the weight of my collar.  I’ve been wearing this 1.3 pound steel collar for almost six years now, and I have never had anything like this from it.  We are attributing it to the high dose steroids and we’re not really worried about it but we thought it was interesting and thought we’d document it anyway.  We’re not really doing anything about it, either.  (It doesn’t hurt or anything, I didn’t notice until Master Pravus took a picture!)

Saturday morning was Infusion, and we had only one errand to run afterwards.  We were also hoping to be home quickly because Master Pravus ordered me a new tablet to replace my phone (which he decided to return because I’ve only had it for a little less than one month and it was having major issues including but not limiting to: homepage constantly crashing, inability to run apps, sound working intermittently, and freezing so badly that the battery needed to be pulled less than an hour after turning it on.) and it was due to arrive that day.  We got home and even though we were there early, unfortunately the mailman actually got there before us and a note was left in the mailbox. 

No tablet for this kitty until Monday.  Total bummer.  I’ve been stuck using my old “Radio” for about a week now.  My Radio is a phone that I used to use a lot but now only run YouTube on to watch the one podcast I like.  It’s fine for that but as far as actually running apps and things it’s rubbish.  So, that is kinda sucky.  I feel so out of touch!  I can’t wait to get my tablet so I can tweet and update my blog easier.  That was kind of strike one.

Strike two was going in the bathroom and coming out a few minutes later, to tell Master:

“Oh damn, I was looking forward to not wearing panties today.”

“You got your period, huh?”



Not that it matters anymore, after my ablation.  I spot just enough that I’d stain things if I didn’t wear a liner, but that obviously means panties.  I shouldn’t complain though, I remember when I used to be crippled with anemia and unable to get off the couch each month.  Life is a Hell of a lot easier now.  Still, there went our chance at sex.  We don’t do much period sex, even now that my period is light.

Master Pravus thought that it would be fun to go out for a little treat, seeing as how we had two strike-outs in a row, so he brought me to the local Asian Food Store to hunt for what he has lovingly been calling “Cute Foods.”  Cute foods are “Low Residue” foods.  He calls them “cute” foods because he says “They’re foods for my cute little kitty!”  Hehe.  My diet is crazy complicated right now and I can only really hunt for cute foods when I’m able to stand up and walk around, which does not happen on errands night because I can’t stand for very long and need my wheelchair.  So, short jaunts out have to happen when I’m feeling up to it.

DSCF8598 (800x600)

One thing that we found were these cute little Hello Kitty noodles.  They are made from rice and have no fiber and only one gram of fat in the entire package, and I only eat about a fifth of the package at a time so they’re safe.  It’s funny because I was looking at some other rice noodles, and Master Pravus found these Hello Kitty ones and he said they fit the “cute” definition better.  Ha.  Leave it to him to find a Hello Kitty version of pretty much everything.

Once we got home, he had me take his shoes off, and we went into the bedroom where he had me play with his cock and then he came all over my tits.  So I got a lot more treats than I bargained for that day.  I’m a very lucky kitty.

That night we had to change Gob.  Master Pravus usually puts some music on while he does this “to make it a more pleasant experience for you.”  Ha!  We do the same thing for Styxxie.  I always put Morrowind music on in the background while we’re giving her the subcutaneous fluids she gets about twice a week.  We think it relaxes her.  Master Pravus thought it was cute and he started putting Oblivion music on for me, because Oblivion is my favorite Elder Scroll game and I like the music more.  I’ve kind of been on a Fable kick lately though so I haven’t played in a little bit.  We were in the middle of changing the bag and I just casually mentioned that the music was making me want to go play Oblivion.

“You can.” He said.

I looked at him curiously.  There was an odd twinkle in his voice.

“IF you can get the vacuuming done.  And IF you can get the dishes done.  And IF you can get the laundry washed dried and folded.  And IF you aren’t too tired before bed.”


It was a scene directly out of Cinderella.  It was pretty much perfect. 

For the record, I finished up my chores about ten minutes before bed so there was no Oblivion for me.  Don’t feel too bad for me, when I’ve had a chance to play games I’ve just been playing Fable.  So, it’s not like I’m not getting to relax at all.

Sunday night I woke up really unwell a couple of times and I needed to get to the bathroom.  I was so loud I accidentally woke Master Pravus up, but I could barely walk straight and I kept bumping into things.  He came over and helped walk me to the bathroom.  I’m not normally that dizzy and he was worried I’d fall.  I actually felt the same the next morning when I woke up and it took a few hours to get to a place where I could walk straight.  Ugh.  Really odd, though, was the fact that I was actually up before Master on Sunday!  That almost never happens!  It was totally weird and we were both a bit shocked by it.


It took me a bit longer to get going on Sunday than it usually does, but as you can see Styxxie didn’t mind.  She kept me company for most of the morning.  She’s such a good little kitty.

You know who else is a good little kitty?  Dongalor.  I don’t get a heck of a lot of pictures of him because he’s quite the flibbertigibbet but I caught him sleeping up on the Tower of Power and tried to get a shot of him snoozing.  Well, the second I got close, he opened his eyes and posed for me!  LOOK AT THE CUTE!  He has the prettiest eyes ever, too.

dongalor on the tower of power

It being Sunday Master Pravus opted to caulk the shower.  That was supposed to be our one house project for the week (there’s always something that needs doing) so he did it early so we could shower that night.

DSCF8605 (566x800)

Yes, there are non-slip fish in the shower.  They’re cute, no?  I also love the built in seat.  Much better than needing a medical one.  I’ll take it!

I also took this adorable picture of Master Pravus.  Master Pravus doesn’t like being called adorable.  Maybe it isn’t even him so much as Styx…  (Maybe it’s him, just don’t tell him!)

DSCF8601 (800x579)

We spent some time relaxing in the blue pool, which we’re pretty disappointed in.  For something we just bought it’s already showing little signs of wear and we’ve only had it about a month.  The pink pool lasted forever so this one is just crap, we think.  It’s not dead yet but it sure doesn’t look like it will last over a year like the other pool!

Master Pravus kept taking pictures of me in the pool that were kind of “spy” shots that I thought were kind of cute.

As usual, everything seemed to crash in on itself Sunday night.  We always have so much to do to get the house ready for Monday.  Orders to pack, sewing machine to set out (I can’t lift it myself, it’s heavy), a vacuum with the big heavy vacuum, etc.  Master Pravus had bought us a copy of the new Harry Potter screenplay Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and he wanted me to read him some before bed but unfortunately we ran out of time,  Hopefully we get some time to read together soon.  I love reading to him.

At the end of the weekend, Master Pravus asked me what I was looking forward to most about this coming week.  I thought about it for a minute.

“It sounds awful, but..  Next weekend, really.”

“That’s not awful, Kitty.  What are you looking forward to about next weekend.”

“Getting to spend more time together, hopefully feeling well and without my period.”

“Me too, Kitty!”


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