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Saturday morning I woke up for Infusion and I was a lot more exhausted than usual.  I’m normally pretty good about getting going on time and getting out the door, but this time I got out the door nearly a half hour late!  Not my finest moment.  To my credit, I managed to grab earrings despite my very slow start and I even accessorized with a Hello Kitty bracelet that matched my boots.  Fabulous!  I admit, I looked a wreck.  I had to put the earrings on in the car, and my boots were untied until the drive in as well!  I walked down the driveway looking a hot mess.  Good thing none of the neighbors were up at that hour.

Infusion was actually the busiest I have seen it in a long while!  Every single chair was full when I got there, and that almost never happens.  In fact, it took them an extra twenty minutes just to get me hooked up because they were so busy, so I could have very well been late and no one would have noticed and it would have been totally fine, most likely.  Good thing I wasn’t though.  Tardiness is something I can’t stand and I would have feel terrible about it all day.

After Infusion we had plans to get me a giant tea the size of my head as well as to go journal hunting.  My BB8 journal is down to three pages left, and writing in a paper journal has been a part of my routine ever since I could write.  I cannot imagine going without it.  Master Pravus will often come home for kisses on his lunch break and I will be there writing in my journal.  He told me he thinks of me writing in my journal as the dwarves from The Hobbit writing down an account of their history, and thinks I need a giant tome instead of the tiny little journals that last me one to three months on average!  HA!  I pointed out that I need to be able to lift it when he isn’t around.  True enough, he says.

After getting a giant green tea, he brought me to the local mall where we started to look for the book store.  It was gone!  What the heck?  The signs for it were still up everywhere!  What a shame, because I love that mall and now we really have no other reason to go back.  There are mainly restaurants there, but I can’t really eat many solid foods these days (I rely on mainly liquid stuff) so there’s no real reason to go back.  Bah.  We got in the car and drove to a stand-alone book store.

journal hunting

Master Pravus had to use the rest room, and he put me in the middle of the journal section to choose what ones I liked.  He told me when he came back he would have the final say, but he wanted me to pick which journal I liked the most.  The journal he decided to get me is pretty big.  It’s a hard leather-bound affair.  See?


It’s so pretty and it smells amazing.  It’s really, really thick (you can’t tell from the picture) but I think it will probably last me at least six months or more!  The really hard part is that there are still three pages left in my BB8 journal, so I’m in that in-between phase where I don’t wanna finish the old journal and I wanna start the new one!  I won’t though.  I’ll finish with BB8 because it will be a short trip and he was a good little droid.  It’s just hard when you have a new journal.  Hehe.

We went home, and Master Pravus decided he wanted to make a campfire.  He let me roast this giant freaking marshmallow.  GIANT.


Half the fun of roasting marshmallows is burning them to a crisp and then eating the goopy insides.  Nom.  Liquid marshmallow meteors.


As you can see, when I make marshmallows, I really burn them.  I don’t eat the outside bits but I do love how liquid-y the insides get when they melt down.  Mmm.  Master Pravus likes watching them burn too.  Tee hee.


We sat outside for maybe an hour before we went inside.  It was nice.  We haven’t been able to make a campfire in a while so it was nice to be able to burn some wood and get all smokey smelling.

When we went inside, Master Pravus decided he wanted to do some play with me.  He’d been teasing me all week about how he wanted to do some cupping with me now that my marks from the last cupping session were pretty much gone.  It took a little over two weeks for my cupping marks to go away which is longer than usual for me.  It usually only takes about a week, but I’m guessing it’s the steroids which do make you slower to heal.


Many of the cups darkened up quite a bit more than they did the last time we did dry cupping.



I’m not sure how long he left the cups on, but I felt like it was longer than last time.  He just pulled the cups off without using the release valves.  It was very hot and very ouchy, and I liked it.


I thought the pattern was pretty neat too.  I really liked it.  It was a great end to a very busy Saturday together.


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