Bankie Redeemed!

“I think Bankie might have enough in him to go to the kitty café again!”

“I doubt it, Kitty.”

“No, really.  I think he is getting heavy!”

“He’s pretty light.”

“How much money do we need to go to the kitty café?”

“Hmm.  At least fifteen dollars.” (There’s a cover charge that goes directly to the care of the cats as well as helping them find their forever homes.)


So, I went into Dongalor’s room (the room we keep the Tower of Power in) and I took Bankie out of there.  After getting some help from Master Pravus to open up the bottom of Bankie’s belly, I started counting only the quarters.  I made piles of fours until I got to the aforementioned fifteen dollars.  Master Pravus was modding his Skyrim PC game.  He looked up because I had a smile ear to ear on.

“Fifteen piles, huh?”

“Yes, and I even have more in this bowl that I haven’t counted yet, and there’s a lot of nickels and dimes and it’s halfway full still!”

“Then, I guess we need to make plans to go to the kitty café, don’t we?”


We decided not to make any inked-in plans.  You never know how either one of us will feel (Master Pravus has been working a lot of overtime, and he’s been really tired lately and I’m still very sick with autoimmune disease problems right now) and so we decided we would just wait for a day that we both felt like doing something but wanted to do something low-key.

Well, that day arrived!  I even dug out my Tinkerbelle wallet because Master Pravus said that the Bankie money was “my” money to spend as I chose.  We had already been talking about going back to the kitty café ever since we went back last December.  I carried the change in my purse in a Ziploc baggie (it was full) and we went to a coin counting machine at a supermarket before we hit up the kitty café.  Then, we hit the road.

As soon as we got on the highway, we had insta-regret.  It was hot.  Boilingly hot.  The house had been comfortable so neither of us had thought to check the outside temps.  Plus, the day before it had been a comfortable high of seventy-five.  Not bad at all.  This day was not comfortable at all, ninety-five with a UV index of ridiculous.  Ugh.  We decided to press onwards anyway.

cat cafe 6

There was a bit of a walk once we parked.  Not a huge walk, but about two blocks.  Thank goodness I got Infusion the day before, but I was definitely lightheaded and it was not an easy walk for me.  Master Pravus handled it like a pro, but he wasn’t too happy with the warms either.

Once we got there, our slight “heat grumps” melted away (thank you air conditioned café!) and we walked straight to the refrigerator case, got a couple of drinks (a tea for me, and a soda for Master Pravus) and then started in with the kitty love!  KITTIES!  KITTIES YOU GUYS!

cat cafe 10

The first kitty I was drawn to was this one.  I didn’t pat it because he or she was sleeping but it was so cute all curled up in this cat tree.  Awww.  I’m not the type to wake up a sleeping kitty.  Nope!  Plus, it’s against the rules of this place anyway.  (Why would you disturb a sweet little sleeping angel like this, anyway?)  I needed to take a picture though.  What a gorgeous blond kitty.

cat cafe 9

As I was about to wander into the bathroom, I mewed behind me:

“Master!  There’s a kitty on this ottoman that looks like an older version of Dongalor!”

Master Pravus came over to take photos of it while I was in the bathroom.  It was another very sleepy little kitty so I (again) didn’t get to pat it.  Still, look at this cutie pie!

cat cafe1

Here is a little cutie that I did actually get to pat.  He or she was very sweet and opened his or her eyes for me and was very loving.  They were super soft.  I spent a lot of time in the window with this little cutie.  There was also a tortoise shelled kitty that was about half the size of this one (and this was a pretty small kitty!) that was a little further away and I spent some time with that cat too, but I didn’t get any pictures of that kitty sadly.

There were ten cats there that day but we saw about six of them.  Sometimes they will go and hang out in the back when they want to be alone and you’re not allowed to follow them.  There were a couple in people’s laps and a couple that weren’t even out when we got there, but of the kitties we saw we really enjoyed seeing these ones.

Afterwards we decided to go out for some FroYo.  We found a place that has non-fat FroYo so as long as I don’t add toppings (or add very few) I can sometimes handle a little.  It was a nice treat in the really hot weather.  It was kind of cute because Master Pravus found a T-Rex toy at the place we went and he kept teasing me with it that it was going to eat my FroYo!  Nuh-uh, dino!  This is MY FroYo you already ate all of Master Pravus’!  Hehehe.  <3

dino menchies

After our FroYo we went home, and unfortunately I could tell that Master Pravus wasn’t feeling his best.  I think he got a bit too much sun.  He got a really nasty headache and he went to bed at 7PM!  That’s not like him at all!  He didn’t even come back out at any point except to use the bathroom once.  Poor Master.  There went our night together.  I’m glad we got to spend time with the kitties but I felt awful that he got so sick once we were home.  I hope he is feeling better in the morning.

Once we were home, there were a few coins to feed Bankie to get us started on saving up for another outing.  Master says that going back to the kitty café is a great goal because it took us eight months to save up the first time so we don’t get to go too often, but it’s also great to support a cat shelter, especially one that serves tea.  Okay, okay.  Coffee too.  See you in another few months kitties!

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