National Dog Day


I hear tell today is national dog day.  I don’t have a doggie but I grew up with dogs and cats.  Actually, our house felt kind of like a farm as a kid because we also had turtles and fish and hermit crabs and guinea pigs and rabbits and a lot of animals.  I don’t have a dog right now, but maybe someday.  Our house isn’t really big enough for any more animals, and I’m not well enough to care for a dog (doggies need walking).

Anyway though, see those lions?  The one on the right is Ron.  Master got me Ron a couple of years ago when I saw him in a grocery store.  I knew I needed him.  You can kind of see in the picture, but Ron has Pikachu ears on.  I made him Pikachu ears and a Pikachu tail that he wears a lot.  The guy on the right is “Puppy.”  I saw puppy in another grocery store maybe a year ago.  Puppy is Ron’s son.  I know Puppy is bigger than Ron, but sometimes genes skip a generation.  I named Puppy “Puppy” because when I asked Master if I could get him, Master told me I already had a lion at home.

I said “Oh, this isn’t a lion, he’s a puppy!”

Master looked at me incredulously.

“Kitty, do you really need another lion?”


Master grinned at me, and he said I could keep “Puppy.”  Puppy has been a part of our plushie pile ever since.

Happy national dog day.


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