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Work has been rough for Master Pravus lately.  Unfortunately, they are putting in some kind of upgrade and that basically means that he has to stay late a lot.  Oh, the joys of working in the tech industry!  We’re talking, two to three extra hours per day on top of his usual nine hour shifts, five days per week.  Some days he has to stay even later.  It’s sucky.  While it is a necessary thing, that doesn’t mean it’s fun for either one of us.  It’s definitely worse for him though, poor man is exhausted when he comes home from work each day. 

Even worse is there is rarely a spare minute during the week.  Styx needs her infusion, Gob needs to be changed most nights (sigh), we eat dinner and we run errands.  We do our exercises and if we are lucky, there might be a spare twenty or thirty minutes left in the night to be together.  I don’t even mean to have sex.  I just mean to sit together.  He has been getting home that late.

Normally we do our errands on Mondays or Tuesdays depending on appointments.  We try to get them all done in one night, but on nights Master gets home late we often will have to carry things into the next day.  Last week we only had time to do one store each night and we wound up shopping every day except for Friday.  Down time: there was not much.

Thursday night after Master Pravus went to bed I set about my usual chores.  I always do them first because they are the most important thing.  Then, if I’m not tired, I can do whatever I want to until I’m sleepy enough to go to bed.  Once I finished up the chores I sat there for a minute.  I wanted to do something for Master Pravus that would let him know how much I loved him.  The feeling that I wanted to pass on was definitely “love.”  I knew I wouldn’t see him until around six or seven the next night (aside from two minutes of tucking in come the next morning) but then at least we could start our weekend together and at least we had plans to not have to do anything too crazy. 

I sat and I thought about it and the thing I settled on was making him a little sign.  I took out my sketchbook and my gel pens and I made a sign that said “I love you Master and I can’t wait to start our weekend together.”  I was worried he may not see it and I thought about taking a photo of it to send to Couple to make sure he saw it, but I decided against that and I just put it on the kitchen table, where he usually takes his breakfast.  After I finished making the sign I was sleepy and I went to bed.

The next morning when Master Pravus woke me up to move me to the kitty nest, he greeted me with:

“Good morning Kitty, I can’t wait to start our weekend together.”

I knew he had seen my sign and it made me very happy as I drifted back off to sleep.  My sign had worked!  When I woke up there was a note on Couple for me and it told me that he saw my sign and it made him feel loved.  Perfect!  That was exactly what I was going for, and I wasn’t sure if that was what I was conveying or not.  That just made me really super happy.  I figured even if the sign didn’t make him feel “loved” he would still like it, so I was thrilled when I accomplished what I set out to do.


Since Master Pravus has been working so much lately, we were planning on having a light weekend.  As in, no plans to go anywhere or do anything (other than my Infusion on Saturday morning).  We wanted to be at home together and we wanted to not have to do too much so that Master Pravus could recharge.  The late nights are not due to end any time soon, unfortunately. 

Work has told him that these hours are going to continue “for a while,” that’s so fucking vague!  Gawd!  Either way, clocking sixty or so hour weeks calls for much more restful weekends and less outings.  The only thing we needed to do was to get a couple of buttons stocked for the Mewtique.  We are approaching the busiest season for the Mewtique.  Every September to October for us is kind of like what most other businesses are like for Xmas.  We do just fine for Xmas, but Halloween is our busiest season because I sell a lot of cosplay stuff.

It shouldn’t have taken too long, but unfortunately the printer decided that it didn’t want to work on Friday.  Or Saturday.  Or Sunday.  It was awful.  We tried everything.  Well, Master Pravus tried everything.  I’m no good at technical stuff.  He started pricing a new printer actually, we were that frustrated.  I can’t run the Mewtique without a printer.  I need to print invoices at the very least and I do sell a lot of buttons.  This printer is less than a year old though so it shouldn’t have been this dramatic. 

Sunday afternoon (after many hours of trying all sorts of things at home) we ran out to the store to try to buy a couple more things to hopefully fix the printer.  Thankfully, it did!  It’s so frustrating when you have something that takes up the entire weekend like that though.  Sometimes tech issues get in the way but it did all work out in the end.  We usually don’t get any time off on the weekends in October until after the Halloween shipping deadline passes and we spend a lot of time working the weekends in September too.  When it’s due to a tech issue though?  Oh man, that is the suckiest.  Poor Master Pravus.


Despite the technical issues, it was not the worst weekend at all.  It was frustrating because we obviously were hoping for a little more down time than we got, but we still got in a lot of playtime.  We only had to go out twice (once to Infusion, which went just fine and once to get some bits and bobs for the printer on Sunday) and while Master Pravus was spending so much time on the printer he let me wander around in Seyda Neen killing cliff racers.  I’ve been on a Morrowind kick lately.  I got a lot of restful time in, myself.

Before we played on Sunday I asked Master how my cupping spots were looking from last week and he said they were still there.  He told me to lean on the massage table so he could get a picture to show me, so I did.  I was surprised by how dark they still were.  I bet they will still be there next week!  We’ll see.

He told me to climb up on the table, and I did.  We have a light above the table that you can’t see in these shots but there’s a string that hangs down so that I can reach the pull cord to turn the light on and off when Master Pravus isn’t home.  Well, I playfully started batting at it.  He thought this was cute.

“I wish the string was two inches longer so I could chomper it!” I said.

“I’ll help you, try again!”

He put his big hands around my ribbies and held me up a bit so I could reach the string.  I caught it in my mouth.  Unfortunately, there is a little knot in the bottom of the string that neither of us thought about and it got caught in my teeth.  I am fine.  My toof is fine.  The string…?

“I can’t believe you broke the string!”

“Now I wish it was an extra four inches long..”


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