“It’s been almost a year, you know.” Master Pravus was pointing at my Injury board.  I was getting undressed to go into the shower.

“Oh wow, I guess it has.  Less than a month.”

My injury board is a board that sits in the laundry area.  It is a dry erase board that we use to tally how many days I am “Injury free.”  This is not entirely accurate.  I’ve had many subluxes, sprains and injuries in the past nearly one year.  However, the board only gets reset if I must go to the hospital and then spend time in a brace, cast, or splint in order to heal.  If the injury is minor enough, I just write what it is on the bottom part of the board and then we try to be extra careful until it is healed.  Not everything needs a splint or a cast.  Illnesses (like the flu) or surgeries don’t count towards the Injury board because they are not injuries.

“Well, how do you want to celebrate when you get there?”

This hadn’t occurred to me.  I hadn’t actually thought I’d ever reach a year, and I wasn’t really worried about a reward either way.  After all, not going to the hospital is its own reward.

“I don’t know.  I mean, I didn’t really think I’d get anything.  What kind of reward?”

“Whatever you want!  It’s a big milestone!”

I had the feeling that he was implying maybe we’d go out to eat or something.  That’s how we’d always celebrated things in the past.  On the Prednisone though, my stomach has been just terrible and the only solid food I’ve been tolerating lately are scrambled egg whites and rice noodles and the occasional slice of dry toast.  It’s awful.  We haven’t even been going to the diner because there’s no point right now at all.  I’ve mainly been getting by on fat free quark and a few other liquid things.  Sucky.  I thought about it for a couple minutes.

“Hmm.  What about a new pair of earrings?”

When Master set that rule for me to always wear earrings when we go out, he didn’t have a job, so I haven’t really been able to add many pairs to my collection.  I have a couple of pairs that have come as freebies when I bought a shirt or something online, and I have a couple of pairs that I bought once he was on contract, but overall it’s not a necessity as long as I have a pair and so it hasn’t been something I’ve really been able to work on.

“I thought you’d want something better than that.”

I smiled.

“Could I perhaps have two pairs of earrings, then?”

He laughed.  He knew I was doing my best Cartman impression (from South Park).

“Okay, Kitty.  If you want a couple pairs of earrings, you can have them.”

I already had a ton of them bookmarked online because having the earrings rule has made me think a lot about them.  I obviously want to look pleasing to Master, and I obviously want to carry out his rules to the best of my ability.  There’s no reason why I would need new earrings as I said, except to please him and to make myself look a bit different than wearing the same couple of pairs all the time.

As I was about to send him links to a few cute pairs of earrings I thought would be great once I hit my milestone, the website I was on sent me a suggestion for a pair that was pretty fucking amazing and perfect.  They were a bit more expensive than what we were both initially thinking, but when I showed them to Master Pravus he agreed that they were pretty freaking fantastic and that if I could go an entire year without a cast, brace or splint than I surely deserved them.  (And, they aren’t that crazy, just not $5 earrings).

So now I have extra, extra motivation to get my Injury Board up to the one year mark.  If I’m honest, the only reason why I haven’t had as many severe injuries is because I can barely move at all lately, with the autoimmune problems..  Still, I’ll take what I can get!  Minor injuries aside, it is kind of exciting.  It is definitely a silver lining to the current situation.

Now I just gotta make sure not to fall or open the fridge funny.


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