Technically Bummed

Such a contrast from last weekend, this weekend hasn’t even started yet and I write this while Master Pravus is still trapped at work on Friday night.  I’m so bummed about it.  We were both so looking forward to the nice long weekend together and we found out about an hour before the end of the work day that he won’t actually have the weekend off.  At first we thought he might just have to work one extra shift, but as it turns out they are going to need him to work every single day: Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

He has still been working for over thirteen hours right now and we have no idea at all when he will get out.  We were supposed to run errands tonight but there won’t be time now.  We have to be up early tomorrow for Infusion which sucks, and now there won’t even be time to sleep in this weekend because Master Pravus is working on both extra days.

I guess it could be worse.  He doesn’t have to go in quite so early, but he’ll be at work a bit later to make up for that.  He does get paid overtime, so it’s not like it’s completely uncompensated like it was at his other jobs in the past.

Still, I feel like we never see each other.  He gets out so late that by the time he gets home there always feels like there’s an errand to run and then we have to go to bed.  I know that’s kind of the nature of the beast when you work in the tech industry: things break and you gotta fix them.  It still sucks so much though.  Master Pravus needs to sleep.  I can see it wearing on him.  I can see him getting more tired and needing down time, and I can see it just not happening because he has to just go to bed most nights.  It’s awful.  It’s such a hard field to be in, and it’s worse being on contract because you don’t ever really feel like you can say “no.”  Who knows how long the contract will last?

All the overtime in the world doesn’t get you back time though.  I miss him.

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