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Master and me ran out of our very favorite go-to lube, and we needed to get a new one.  Since the lube we liked best was out of stock on our favorite sites we decided we were with a new take on an old favorite.  Enter (AFF) Sliquid H20 Natural Lubricant.


I’ve pretty picky about lubricant in general because I find that my bits tend to be very sensitive to many different ingredients and once I find a lube that works the only way I tend to try another lube is when I can no longer get the one I want.  Master and me have both tried and liked a few variations of (AFF) Sliquid  in the past, with only a few minor drawbacks so we figured we would give the natural one a go.

Sliquid Natural is designed to mimic the body’s natural lube and is vegan, paraben, glycerine free and even kosher.  It is a water based lubricant so you can use it with any toy you like, and it washes off very easily in the shower.

The ingredients are: purified water, plant cellulose, guar conditioners, potassium sorbate and citric acid.  It’s a simple and short list.

The bottle we purchased is 8.5 ounces, but you can also purchase a 2 ounce or sample (pillow pack) size.

The bottle has a flip top cap, and I find it to be pretty easy to use.  It hasn’t clogged up on us or anything.  The bottle is made of a firm yet soft enough plastic that you can squeeze it without it being a pain in the rear and you can easily get a drop (or several) out.

There’s no odor at all from the lube, which is excellent if you are sensitive to such things!  I did detect a very slight taste, but it is very mild and hard to describe.  This shouldn’t be something you put in your mouth anyway (it isn’t designed as a flavored lube for oral sex) but if you get a little bit on your tongue it’s barely noticeable which is a nice plus.


In use, I found this variant of Sliquid to be a bit disappointing.  It’s okay, but it isn’t what I’ve come to expect from Sliquid.  I found it to feel okay going on, it’s a bit on the thin side which is what I expect unless I’m specifically using (AFF) Sliquid Sassy Booty so that didn’t bother me.  However, when we started to play with it, I found that it would dry up fairly quickly and it felt kind of “thick” after only a couple of minutes. 

Rewetting it helped a little bit, but if you do this by adding more lube then you feel like there’s just this thick wet mess.  I didn’t like it.  If you add a bit of water, it does thin things out somewhat and make it more usable, but you have to do this a lot more often than I personally like.  I don’t want to have to think about rewetting my lubes constantly.  It takes away from play time.

I got mild burning from Sliquid H20 that I just don’t get with Sliquid’s other formulas.  I don’t get that usually unless there are parabens present, and I’m not sure what caused it here, because this doesn’t contain parabens.  While this is an okay stand-in, once my go-to lube comes back in stock I hate to admit it, but I will most likely shelve this one. It won’t come out unless it expires (to junk it).  Not my favorite Sliquid.


I’m going to give it two paws:

2 paw

This item was not given to me in exchange for a review.  It is an item I purchased on my own and chose to review.  

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NOTE: Sliquid Lube only has a shelf stable life of six months or so.  Please bear this in mind with any and all of their lubes!

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