Putting the “Labor” Back into “Labor Day”


We were so excited when Friday came around.  We’ve been extra tired lately because Master Pravus has been working so much and we were looking forward to our nice long weekend together.  Of course, things don’t always work out as planned.  We will get a break, I’m sure, but not yet.

Still, despite Master Pravus having to work, we did get some good news!  They decided to let him work remotely.  There was some sort of clause in this contract he has that forbade him from working remotely so on Friday they had to pull a bunch of strings and file a ton of paperwork to let him do so.  We were both grateful for this though because if he has to work, at least he could be at home!  It sucks when things don’t work out the way you want them to, but at least we were able to be together in some small way.  Just having Master Pravus’ presence in the house is such a big morale boost.  Plus, he looks so cute sitting in front of three computer screens!

Friday night was absolutely awful.  Poor Master.  He had to work over fourteen hours and he didn’t get home until almost 10 PM..  After having to have the car jump-started which only added insult to injury.  What a crappy day.  Some server decided to die about ten minutes before his shift was supposed to end and it wasn’t even fixed when they sent him home and brought on a second shift of people.  (I mean, how long can a person work in a row?!)  The second team did eventually get it going, but I hear it was a rough night.

Infusion was the next morning, and afterwards we had to dash home so that Master Pravus could get to work.  He thought it would be a nice treat for me if he stopped and got me the first pumpkin spiced latte of the season.  We looked it up online and if you get it with nonfat milk and no whip it’s gastroparesis friendly because there is no fat or fiber.  Well..  I didn’t like it at all.  Truth be told I don’t really like coffee. 

So, if you take away the fat and the whip there’s not enough stuff on it to make it taste not like coffee.  Plus, it made me nauseous anyway.  I don’t know if it was the spices or what, but that was a total fail.  Bummer.  I used to like pumpkin spiced lattes, but I will stick with my tea next week.  It was kind of depressing that my favorite fall drink isn’t drinkable by me anymore.  I mean, it shouldn’t be a big deal but it kind of is because it’s just another thing I can’t eat.. And it’s a liquid! 

It was a long Saturday.  Master Pravus was supposed to be helping his coworker do some sort of upgrade, and they spent hours on it.  I wasn’t feeling well because I hadn’t slept great the night before.  I never get enough sleep on Infusion days so I was feeling really wiped.  Usually, when Master Pravus works (xxx) so do I, but I was feeling (and looking) so awful that he let me sit on the couch playing Morrowind while he worked remotely.  My blood pressure was actually still pretty low even after infusion this week, which is never a great sign.

After he was done with work, we had errands to run!  Eek!  It was another busy week where we didn’t manage to finish before the weekend, which was kind of sucky.

selfie shopping

Despite having Infusion earlier that day, I wound up using my wheelchair a lot.  I usually can get by with a scooter for the bigger stores and walk for the little stores on Infusion days but nope.  Some days are just rough.

Sunday morning came along and it was pretty sweet because I was allowed to sleep in as late as I liked.  Master Pravus had a special treat for me later that night that he had been teasing me about all day: vibrator shopping!  Yeah, I’m sure you’re reading this and you’re thinking:


Yes, I do!  I need a really crappy, no fills vibrator.  We like having a very simple, smooth vibrator that has no bells and whistles around because they are excellent for bondage.  I’m talking about a smooth plastic thing that has a turn-dial or a push button base.  Yeah, we have a ton of vibrators that light up or heat up or spin in circles or have a g-spot curve.  That’s not what we need (in this scenario).  Those are good for other things but the simple ones are excellent for bondage, says we! 

The trouble?  Well, they really are shit vibrators so they don’t last forever, maybe a year at best.  They are so cheap though, that it doesn’t really matter to us.  Our last few had all died though, so it was time to get a new one, and Master Pravus thought it might be more fun to go and buy one at one of the local sex toy shops.  We could buy it online, but sometimes you just want a little adventure, no?

So, patiently I waited like a good kitty.  I was feeling a bit better than the day before, so I worked on sewing while Master Pravus was busy doing techy stuff.  When he was done, he had me get dressed and we went to the first stop on our list, which was a place we drive by all the time but which we hadn’t been inside.  I will call it “Store A.”  Store A seemed a bit dingy inside, but it was bigger than some of the other places we had been in the past and the people working there seemed nice.  Well, the person talking to us seemed nice.  There was another person working there who was trying really hard not to make eye contact with us for some reason.  First day on the job?  I don’t know.

We had the place entirely to ourselves except for the two employees.  We knew exactly what we wanted.  Upon entering (and making a hundred things beep while going through the metal detector) we were asked if we needed any help.

“No thanks, we’re just looking.”

We started looking around because we knew exactly what we wanted.  We walked around and all of the simple vibes we found were crazy thin.  We were looking for something about an inch and a half or an inch and a quarter and most of the toys we found were only an inch or less.  We weren’t too set on getting it that day either because we knew we could just go online if we didn’t get what we wanted.  Adventure, though.

So, Mr. Employee comes over after a couple minutes with a pair of lace kitty ears.

“I hope you don’t mind, but, I noticed you wear kitty ears and thought, maybe these will work for you.”

It was kind of awkward but also kind of cute and made us laugh a little. 

We asked him if he had any simple vibrators that were thicker than the two we found and plastic etc.  He looked around, we didn’t really see anything we wanted and so we left.

It was so weird because when we got in the car, I told Master Pravus I felt kind of dirty in there.  Considering that I was a camgirl for years, I am not a shy person.  The employee helping us was totally nice, but so awkward, and it just made me feel..  Dirty.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  Master Pravus pointed out that it was probably because the guy is used to dealing with shy people and there we were asking for bigger and bigger toys.  HAHAHA!  True, though.  We’re really not shy, ourselves and we know what we want.

We could have gone home and ordered something online, as I said, but we were within a mile of two other sex toy shops so Master Pravus thought we might as well give one of them a try and see if we couldn’t find something.  If not, it would still be a fun adventure.

We get in there, and I’ve got to use the little kitty’s room.  I ask if they have one.

“Oh, yes, it’s just this room over here.  Just push the door handle down and do what you need to do.”



What is it with awkward sales people on this day?  If you had a sign on your bathroom door specifying “bathroom” I wouldn’t have even asked.  I was worried that this trip would be just as awkward as Store A, however, it wasn’t.

As I came out of the bathroom a couple of minutes later, Master Pravus already had a toy in his hands:


Here’s a picture of it, so I guess you can tell that we did in fact buy it.  It’s the one furthest from my wrist.  A plain, simple vibrator.  It’s a bit more hard wearing than the ones we typically buy for our bondage sessions, but it’s a simple straight thing that can easily be woven between ropes.  Win!  While we were there Master Pravus saw a bunch of toys that he found interesting and it was a fun adventure being able to try them out and touch them.  That’s something you can’t get online, and if you can find a place that doesn’t make you feel too dirty it can be fun.

We went home with our spoils, and then I had a ton of chores to do before collapsing into bed.  It was quite a late night.

Monday morning I felt pretty good!  Master Pravus took me down to S-bucks and he let me get a drink before he had to start his shift.  Happily, he didn’t have to work until noon that day.  I got my treat, and we headed home.  Shortly after getting home, I started to crash a little bit.  I don’t know what got into me, but I just wasn’t feeling as good as when I got up.  I did manage to get off of the couch though, and I did get into my sewing room to work on the Mewtique while Master Pravus was doing his tech stuff.  He told me he was very proud of me for trying so hard even though I wasn’t feeling very well at all.

The really good news is that he was done with work a half hour sooner than we thought he would be.  I overheard Master on the phone with his coworker.

“How is your wife?  She mad you had to work all weekend?”

“No, she’s not mad.  She misses me, though.”

“Buy her something nice, she’ll forgive you.”

“She heard you say ‘buy her something nice,’ you should see the smile she’s giving me right now.”

Yeah.  I’m not above bribery.  I already got a drink that morning though, so I shouldn’t be too greedy.  Ha ha.

When he got off the phone, Master Pravus made me a kitty nest on the ground and he put a bunch of my plushies in a pile.

“I want you to pick up each one of these plushies, smell them, and tell me what their names are then give them to me to put in this bag.”

These were all plushies that were sitting in a bag in my closet for a while because (unfortunately) this house is too small to have them out.  The next house needs to be bigger!  We went through the plushies and if one smelled too dusty he had me leave it out so I could wash it (or vacuum depending) later on.  We went through the whole pile and I had Master Pravus laughing his ass off, and I can’t even remember what I was doing now to make him laugh so hard!

There were a couple of plushies that I couldn’t remember the names of (no more than two) and he had me name them on the spot.  There were only three dusty plushies that needed cleaning which is pretty good considering how many there were.  He also let me keep all the Ikea rats out, because a couple of them had somehow gotten into the bag but we usually have those strewn about the house as a security team.  It seems to be working.

After that I rested for a little bit before reading to Master Pravus from the new Harry Potter book.  We’re only about a quarter of the way in because we’re reading it together but we’re enjoying it.  I really wish it was written more like a normal book than a play (yes, I knew it was a script before we got it, but I still would have preferred in a non-script form) but we’re liking it.

Before I knew it, it was time for night chores and then bed time for Master Pravus. What a long weekend.  It wasn’t the worst ever, and he did get me a couple of treats along the way and he did try to make it special spending time with me.  I just wish we had even one day where we didn’t need to work at all.  I worry about Master overdoing it.  By the time he gets a day off, it’ll be after twelve consecutive days of work in a row.  He did get to sleep in a little this weekend, but I still think he needs more sleep.  What can I say?  I worry about him a lot.

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