National Video Game Day


It’s national video game day, so here I am playing some old school Morrowind with the world’s most obnoxious Prince-who-was-promised: ZeeBee.  Styx: “Queen of Laps and Snacking” decided to come sit in my lap the second we started taking pictures, of course.  The minute she sees me sit down literally anywhere in our house, she’s never far behind!  Actually, the minute I stand up she’s never far behind either- screaming at me to sit right back down and go play video games!  (After all then she has more time to sit in my lap!)  That’s the spirit, Styxxie!  It is National Video Game Day after all.  Hehe.  Don’t worry, that’s herbal tea.  No caffeine here!  I swear.  🙂


Oh, and here’s a cute little bonus shot with Tyrannous: Pygerborn in it that I couldn’t resist including! He stays up late at night with me when I can’t sleep to help me level up my axe skill.  Master Pravus had actually made that axe for him a while back.  Its made from a Scotland pencil and has a gold crown pommel, with real gold plate!  His mom brought it back from a trip to France and we never could find a good use for the pencil until recently.  (I mean really!  Who’s going to sharpen something like that and use it for actual writing?!)  She might literally drop dead if she knew we were using that gold plated pencil as a fake weapon for a stuffed animal, but she doesn’t need to know!  LOL!

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