Turtle of Prophesy Cupping Poke Hunt


Friday Master Pravus did not have to stay late.  In fact, he didn’t have to work all weekend!  WOO HOO!  We were both really happy about this.  He needs to rest a bit and we needed some down time really badly.

I had to do a bit of work for the Mewtique for a little bit after he came home, but it’s the busy season so that’s expected right now.  Halloween season has arrived early and we’re not too unhappy about it.  We only wound up working Friday night and then packing orders (as usual) Sunday because we’ve been keeping things pretty well stocked during the week.  We know that won’t last, but that’s not a bad thing, either.

Dongalor got a lot of cat fishing in this weekend.  He seemed to enjoy himself.  Hehe.

Saturday morning was Infusion as usual.  Also as usual, it perked me up and made me want to do things.  I always feel better after Infusion.  Master and me had one minor errand to run first though.

While we were on our errand, I spotted a plush turtle.  I stopped dead in my tracks.


“Master!  A turtle!  We don’t have a turtle!”


“We need him!”

“He’s a cutie, isn’t he?” Master Pravus agreed, playfully.

He picked up the turtle.  He played with it in his hands a little bit, bobbing the turtle’s head at me.

“How long do you think it took him to get all the way to this part of the store so that we could rescue him, Kitty?”


And he put the turtle in the cart to take him home with us!  The turtle says his name is Solfege, and so far he seems to really like playing Mario and he has a penchant for timing himself and seeing how long it can take him to get from one room to another.  HINT:  he is terribly slow, and I tend to help him around a lot.  Applepig seems to like him though and they get along well.  Styx doesn’t seem to mind him either.


“Why did you want a turtle, Kitty?”  Master Pravus asked me at random once we got Solfege home.

“I don’t yet know!  The prophesy will be revealed to us both soon, but not yet!”

Master Pravus gave me an inquisitive look but he seemed to accept this answer.

Once we got home, Master Pravus got the idea to go to a local park near us and walk around Poke Hunting and hitting up Pokestops.  I thought this sounded fun too, so I put Tabuloto on the charger until we were ready to go and off we went!


The one thing about me playing Pokémon Go is that it’s not really possible for me to be subtle about it.  I have this huge honking tablet so it’s not like carrying around a little phone.  People can easily see what I’m doing.  If I have to be subtle, I won’t even play.  On the other hand, it’s kind of nifty because I have a kick stand on the back of Tabuloto so I can set it down in a coffee shop while I drink my tea or something and go after any Pokemon that pop up.

Anyway, while we were out Master Pravus decided to get me a tea, and after he bought it for me, I had to use the bathroom.  He “babysat” Tabuloto and apparently some little kids came by and saw it and were sooo excited and wouldn’t stop talking about what a cool “Pokémon Go” set up I had.  HA HA HA!  I am the coolest person ever..  To people under ten years of age.  When I came back from the bathroom and he told me the story I thought it was the funniest thing ever.  I am easily amused.


The cool part about where we were walking is that there were benches and tables all around it so I could sit when I got tired and we could get up and walk a little more as energy allowed.  That’s kind of why we like walking at the Zoo as well, but there’s no shade at the Zoo so we don’t go there much in the summer.  This was also just the prefect day, it was below eighty degrees for once, and it was so nice out.  So relaxing.

There was also a gym that you could get to if you sat in (or near) the Starbs, so I got to fight my Pokémon in a gym for the first ever time.  I even held the gym for a good five minutes or so with my Ponyta ZeeBee, but there was a lot of battling on that day so I didn’t keep it for long.  Heh.  Still, it was fun.

We stayed out until it started getting dark and our batteries started dying.  Kind of funny but when we showed up there was a concert going on that we hadn’t expected.  Some kind of free Christian rock band thing in the park, so there was a bit of a crowd.  Not a giant crowd that you couldn’t walk through, but it was definitely busier than usual.

Sunday was a lot more relaxing.  I woke up feeling pretty exhausted, but I had gotten almost triple my step goal the day before wandering around hunting pokemon (and I leveled up twice!  Woot!) so I guess that was to be expected.

We did some light chores, but mostly we sat around and rested.  A present showed up for me while we were laying around, which was really nifty. I got a new tea I’ve never had before! 🙂  I played some Morrowind and Oblivion for a lot of the day.  Master Pravus played some Fallout.  It was nice.  At some point, he decided to do some cupping with me on my shoulders which I really enjoyed a lot.

Floppy, happy Kitty
Floppy, happy Kitty

Master Pravus unpinned my nightie.  He calls this one my “princess” nightie because it’s kind of an empire waist thing and it makes him think of a princess dress.  He had me curl up with Cutter Dragon and my pink blankie “As though you’re going to sleep.”

“What if I fall asleep.”

“It’s OK.”

I didn’t fall asleep, though.  I didn’t really think I would.  Cupping is ouchy, which wakes me up, but also relaxes me.  Not “fall asleep” relaxing, but more “zone out and turn into a mushy brained happy kitty” relaxing.  Yes, I do tend to sleep like that, too.  Curled up in a kitty ball.


My skin was pretty red when he took the cups off and you can see some marks starting to come in.  We laid there on the bed for a long time, Master Pravus tapping the cups and tugging on them this way and that, though they did not budge.  I always enjoy that.  This morning you can even see some of my spots from the front.  A couple of the cups he put on my shoulders were close to the front of my neck, so those marks might show up in future posts for the next couple days depending on what kind of top I wear.  Kind of nifty!

Before we both knew it, the weekend was ending and it was time to get ready for the week!  Still, it was a nice weekend, and I don’t have any complaints about it.  I’m just so glad we got to spend it together without anything crazy happening.


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