We had a lovely eighth wedding anniversary together.  We didn’t do anything really fancy.  We did get to spend some much needed time together, which was really wonderful and so, so needed.

I had planned weeks ago for what to get Master Pravus.  I wanted it to be something that he would really be able to use.  Something that he’d love.  I thought about it a lot, and I decided to buy him a holster to wear on his belt for his e-cig.  He loves his e-cig and he was thrilled with his holster!  He wears it all the time and says it is perfect!  YAY!


He gave me this mug for my present.  Every day (at least a hundred times) he tells me he loves me.  I usually say “I love you, too.”  Sometimes though, I will say “How can I tell?”

He’ll ramble off a list of reasons why.  We are sappy.  That’s just our way!

When I opened up my bag with my mug in it (and finished playing with the tissue paper!  Yay, tissue paper!) he told me:

“This is so that every morning, you’ll remember how much I love you.  You can see the love in the bottom.”


There’s a heart in there.  Gawd, how adorable is that?  I love my new mug.  It’s perfect.


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