Little Pumpkins


Master had to stop by the pharmacy on the way home to pick up a prescription.  When he came home he was excited.

“Kitty, get dressed.”

“What?  Where are we going?”

“They have pumpkins at the grocery store!  We’re getting you one!”

SQUEE motherfuckers!

We drove down to the store.

“You can get ONE gourd that I will carry, and you can have one pumpkin, that you have to carry.”

“Can I have this gourd please, Master?  It’s adorable!”

“Okay, Kitty.  You can have that one.”

Then I picked out my pumpkin.  It was a tiny pumpkin, but it was round and had a stem.  Having a stem is very important for a pumpkin!

I carried my pumpkin victoriously to the checkout line and then we brought it home!  YAY!  I’m still hoping we will get to a “real” pumpkin patch later in the season when I’m feeling better but I have a pumpkin now.  YAY!  Pumpkin!

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