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Usually I write a blog about what happened over the weekend, but this weekend almost nothing happened at all.  I had my Infusion Saturday morning and then we went home to sew.  We sewed the entire weekend from sunup to sundown.  Halloween is our busiest season at the Mewtique and it always starts picking up in September, but this year it is hitting hard and fast much earlier than expected.  No complaints here.  I’m proud of how my shop has grown from having two little items in it to start to well over 120 and growing now.  Still the busy season hitting early is awesome, but it doesn’t make for a thrilling day-to-day.

Something exciting did happen over the weekend though.  Know what it is?


Yep!  Saturday night I took my shower and marked another day off on my board.  Would you believe it??  ONE YEAR without an injury severe enough to go to the hospital over it.  WOO HOO!  Master Pravus was proud of me.  He went and got my present:

dsc00618LOOKIT HOW HAPPY I AM WITH MY ADORABLE NEW GUAR EARRINGS!  YES!  Guars!  Like from Morrowind, my favorite Elder Scrolls game!  Here’s a picture where you can see the actual earrings a bit better.

dsc00596LOOKIT!  He dangles out of my ear and look at that tail and oh my fucking gosh are they not the perfect earrings ever??

The scary thing is, I almost didn’t get them!!  About a week before I was due to tick off the “one year” mark on the calendar I woke up in the night and on the way to the bathroom I fell into the toy rack beside the bed.  I didn’t get hurt severely or anything (obviously) but on the way down I was just thinking in my head:

“Noo!  I’m soo close to earning my guar earrings this is not fair, nooo!  Wait.  I’m okay I think!  Whew!  Okay.  Good.  Let’s be more careful and try not to do anything reckless like walk to the bathroom between now and the next week.”

Ha ha.

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