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What a busy weekend!  Saturday morning it was early rising for Infusion again.  Woo!  There weren’t many other patients there and we actually got out before noon for once, which was nice.

We were kind of excited about Saturday because we were planning on a Zoo trip afterwards!  We were both hoping to make it to the Zoo earlier in the season, but it has been beyond warm here.  We won’t even go to the Zoo unless the high for the day is below seventy degrees because I just get too sick even if I bring an umbrella and wear sunblock.  Surprisingly, we were due for highs of sixty-eight and sixty-six respectively Saturday and Sunday.  So, eagerly we went on a jaunt off to the Zoo for a little bit of a walk!

We did not stay very long.  I am still not able to be on my feet for very long right now, so once we arrived we set the timer for five minutes, and then turned around.  We didn’t hoof it, either.  We ambled in, looked at nearby things and took our time.  It wasn’t a walk to try to get as many steps in as we could, it was just us getting a bit of fresh air while we were already out and about before heading home from Infusion.

We hadn’t been in so long, and we really missed it!  I mean, we did get to go back in August but that was for a work function and it was kind of late at night so we didn’t get to see as many animals as we wanted because it was getting dark.  We still had a great time, but it wasn’t quite the same as exploring on your own when you can see things.  This trip I was climbing on things and playing with the sculptures and drinking tea..  Okay, maybe the tea was partly why I was climbing on things a bit.  Don’t worry, I was less than a foot off the ground.  Hehe.

Unfortunately, while at Infusion I made the mistake of trying to eat some solid food.  My stomach has been awful the past month and I’ve been only able to eat liquid foods, and some egg whites.  Well, the past few days before Infusion, I had been able to tolerate some dry white toast at home and even an egg over easy from time to time.  So, at Infusion I thought (idiot!) that maybe I could eat a single piece of dry white toast and a hardboiled egg.  Regret.  🙁  I am typing this up on Monday night, and guess what?  Yep.  I have a partial blockage again.  It’s really awful and making me miserable and I’m already doing everything I’m supposed to do but it still is sucky. 

I’m just so mad at myself because I had gone so long without a blockage because I was being very, very particular about my food and sticking with liquids (and being very careful about what those liquids were) and I was doing so good!  I got too cocky though and I am so bummed now.  Who knows how long this will take to pass, and in the meantime I have to drink disgusting soda and I’m back to pure liquids absolutely no solid food at all.  BALLS.  This put a slight damper on the weekend too, because I started having symptoms from it late in the day on Saturday, which was really shitty.  I was feeling so good, too!

Once we got home from our little ten minute Zoo trip, it was time to hide ourselves away in the Mewtique room.  We have a lot to do to catch it completely up and I don’t know if we will get caught up or not before the end of October.  By quitting time on Saturday (we stop at a certain time no matter what) we knew that we were going to have to work the next day too.

Sunday rolled around and Master Pavus thought it would be a fun excursion if we went out for boba since I was stuck on liquids still.  I can’t eat the actual boba themselves, (the tapioca bits), but I just get my drink without boba in it and then it’s more of a slush.  It was a nice little outing and afterwards, he thought we should go back to the Zoo again because it helps me get a couple more steps in and it is fun to explore.  We had another nice little ten minute total meander before going back home where we spent the rest of the day sewing again.

It was a busy weekend and and even though I had to deal with Gob problems and we worked a lot, it was nice to get out a little bit for small jaunts.


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