Too Busy To Think

Thank goodness that Master Pravus’ contract ended during the busy season for the Mewtique.  The first week was spent feeling numb and in despair over this happening again without any warning, but this past week we’ve both been just too busy to think about it too much.  Of course it is always in the back of our heads and Master Pravus spends every spare second looking for a job during the daytime, but the nights and weekends we are working on packing orders and sewing new things and pressing buttons and answering convos and drinking tea.

Lots of tea.

I know that this won’t last.  While the Mewtique is fairly steady year round, it isn’t “stay up sewing until midnight” busy year round.  Still, I’m so very grateful for the distraction right now.  If this had happened in say, February, I wouldn’t have as much to keep my mind and hands occupied.

Master Pravus had a side job doing a charity casino gig coming up this Saturday night, but unfortunately it got cancelled on him.  🙁  It isn’t him, it was the entire event so he is still eligible to do other events but this one is just not running.  More should be coming up soon, but it was still a bummer.

Physically, I’m kind of dragging.  We had been working so hard on getting me to “not push” and now we’re in an unfortunate state of “Don’t KILL yourself, but yeah, you DO have to push.”  It’s not great for my health, but then again being homeless would be worse.  Not that it’s that dramatic at this point, but it’s always a very real possibility when you don’t have a stable job.  I’m sure Master Pravus will find something before it gets that bad though.  Still, it’s not easy “running” so much.  I still need a lot of physical help just to do normal day to day stuff.  I see some more specialists soon though and I am hoping they have some more help for me.

I had a bit of a victory for my tummy, though!  We got some new medicine to try, and I’ve only been on it for a couple of days but so far we have noticed a difference.  It’s not like I can eat whatever I want, and I still mainly eat liquids (and those liquids have to be low residue AND ostomy friendly, so it’s still very limited), however, I can get more of those same things in!  If I can go another couple of days with things going well, we are going to slowly try incorporating some solid foods back into my diet one at a time and see how they work with the medicine. 

I miss solid food so much.  They most I can do on a good day is some egg whites but we are both feeling so hopeful with the new medicine that maybe I’ll be able to handle a bit more than that soon!  Fingers crossed!  We noticed a big difference in my energy levels (it makes a difference when your food can leave your stomach!) so even though it’s only been a few days we’re really hoping this is going to be a good thing that helps on a more long-term level!  Yay!

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