The Process

It has been another week over here, and we’re hanging in there.  Phone calls are starting to pour in for Master Pravus to try to get him re-hired which is really a nice morale boost.  We’re hearing from a lot of head hunters and a few companies themselves.  Mainly head hunters.  This week there have been a lot of interviews from both sides.  Only one interview has been what we call a “finger crossing” interview, the rest of the interviews have been with head hunters. 

Head hunter interviews are good and all, but they aren’t usually for a specific position.  They are with that person so that person knows what types of jobs to submit you to.  It’s a good thing and all that but it doesn’t give you any kind of immediate feeling of “Bam!  Submitted another resume to another company!”  It is definitely a good step, though.  No doubt. 

Today Master Pravus is heading out for one of those “finger crossing” interviews shortly.  This is his second interview with said company.  We don’t have salary info on it, and that’s the biggest road block with most jobs.  Everyone wants his skills but they don’t want to pay him enough, or they want to pay him enough but not give him any benefits.  We need benefits.

There’s a lot of phone calls right now that are two minutes long and wind up with:

“Is this for a contract?”

It’s way too soon in this particular in-between phase for him to pick up another contract.  We’re going to wait until the unemployment is almost out to do that again if we must do it again, but we really hope something permanent comes along before then, it’s just too awful to think about another contract right now.  Living contract to contract wouldn’t be so bad except for the lack of health insurance…  But that’s a big deal!  Even worse is the thought of being right back in this same place again in a couple of months, scrambling to find work.  This is not something I’d wish on anyone.

The Mewtique is slowing down a bit, and by that I just mean – we’re not up every night sewing until midnight because we’re putting a lot more hours in so we’re staying caught up better.  This means we’ve had a bit more downtime at night to rest a before bed which has been nice since I’ve been putting so much more energy into sewing longer hours (since Master’s contract ended) but it is wearing on me physically and I feel awful. 

I’m having severe stomach problems, and Master Pravus is going to have me call the doctor and try to be seen if I’m not getting better in a couple of days.  I’ve been stuck in bed a lot these last couple of days with problems with Gob.  Trying to push through problems and keep sewing is hard, but I need to do it and I just hope that I start feeling better soon.  It (like everything else right now) is just so frustrating.

Monday is my appointment with the big hospital though, and I’m really, really looking forward to it.  Master and me both are feeling like it is our only hope at me getting well at this point and I just want to feel better so badly.  I’ve been really ill and I don’t always talk about it but things are in a really bad place for me physically and I just never imagined they would be this way in my life.  I’m only thirty-one and I’m almost bedridden.  It’s complete shit.  I need help.  There is definitely hope and I do feel positive about it, but it’s just frustrating how long it is taking to get help.  I am well aware that it is my insurance but that definitely doesn’t make it any less frustrating or depressing.

Master Pravus’ brother called the other day and he told me that he had started to go to the gym for the last couple of months.  He said I inspire him because I still try to walk and do my ten minute Zoo or Park walks (depending on the temps outside) and “even with how sick you are, you still try to be active!”  Ha!  Who knew that my pathetic little ten minute walks would inspire anyone?  I admit though, it gave me a boost to hear him say that.  I’m glad that my little walks inspire him.  I certainly don’t feel inspiring right now.

It hasn’t been an easy week for us, but there are encouraging signs on all fronts of our lives.  We have our fingers crossed for each interview Master Pravus goes into, whether or not they are head hunter interviews.  I won’t blog about each and every interview, there’s always so many of them and obviously very few of them work out.  Still, I realize that they are each all part of the process.  Each one is one step closer and each one is another chance at finding the right job.  It’s not easy but at least we’re getting there.

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