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I got contacted recently by Jerome from LTA sex and asked if I would like to try out his lube, The Butters, for an honest and fair review.  Lube is something I’m finicky about, but I’m also pretty willing to try most of them (so long as they don’t contain something that I already know I find irritating, like parabens) so of course I heartily agreed after checking out their ingredient list.

The first thing you’ll notice about these ingredients is that they are all natural and simple.  The Butters contains: organic aloe, shea butter, coconut oil, kosher grapeseed oil, palm and soybean oils.  It also contains arrowroot powder and apple cider vinegar.

I was sent a jar with a screw cap.  My lube was sent in a discreet package with no mention as to what was inside.  (Thank you for your discretion!)  So, you need not fear your postal worker or roommates knowing what you ordered online.

Opening my package, I found a cute little jar.  Easy to open, easy to close if you have dry hands.  Maybe a bit of a pain in the butt if you have lubey fingers, but I find that during play I usually just leave the lid on loosely to avoid this, and just tighten it up at the end.  No big whoop.

When I opened the lid, I kind of giggled.  The Butters..  Kind of looks like butter!  Really!  The texture of it is very soft and creamy, and it rubs in very nicely to dry skin.  It is an excellent lotion for massages, too.  It does have a very slight scent to it, but I don’t notice it at all unless the jar is directly under my nose.  It’s not an unpleasant smell, and it’s hard to describe.

As a lubricant, I do really like The Butters.  I find that I do need a bit more than I would with other lubes, though it is very inexpensive and so this really is not an issue at all.  It really feels nice and glide-y and leaves me feeling soft and nice when I finish.  As a lube that contains oils, I was nervous that I might feel greasy when using this but that isn’t the case at all, it feels really lush!  I tend to be sensitive to lubes and I didn’t have any kind of burning or discomfort when using this one at all.  Just nice, glidey softness that feels good on my skin.  (Woot!  Love!)

Unfortunately, being oil based, I don’t recommend you mix this lube with latex condoms, but for play with a fluid-bonded partner or for solo play I really love The Butters.  I keep my jar on the bedside table where I sleep.

I hope you’ll check out The Butters from LTA Sex.  I’m giving it five paws:


Thank you so much LTA Sex for allowing me to try out your lube in exchange for an honest and fair review!

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