Thanksgiving 2016


We actually watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade this year! Yeah, I’m as surprised as you are. LOL! The day before Thanksgiving Master Pravus asked me if there was anything special I wanted to do.  Since I’ve been nearly bedridden for the past couple of weeks, he knew we wouldn’t be able to do most of our normal Thanksgiving traditions.  There’s not a lot we usually do on Thanksgiving, but we do like to decorate for Xmas, we usually make a turkey breast for Master Pravus, and we usually get the tree set up. 

I can’t eat most solid foods still.  While my doctor was able to get me some more medicine to help my gastroparesis, the best I can do is some dry toast or plain (super boiled pasta) in small amounts.  Otherwise I’m still on a mainly liquid diet, which is not very Thanksgiving traditional.  I actually ate a lot more and better last Thanksgiving, really. 

The only other thing we usually do on Thanksgiving is go to the Zoo for a walk after dinner.  That was definitely out this year.  Even if we brought my wheelchair it wouldn’t work.  I can’t sit up comfortably for more than five to ten minutes at a time right now so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to hoof it down to the Zoo and make my hernia worse.  We have to be careful until I can get my hernia belt at the very least.


Anyway – when he asked me if there was anything special I wanted to do, I said there really wasn’t.  I had mentioned that if I was awake in time I wouldn’t mind putting on the parade in the background.  When I was a kid watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV was always kind of fun.  Yes, there were always a lot of floats and songs that didn’t grab me, but I would just bop into and out of the room and then come back in for the good stuff.  I figured that as an adult it would be the same.  Put a video game on or whatever and peek over at it from time to time.  Master Pravus thought that sounded like it could be fun.  Actually, I was up earlier than I thought I would be, and we saw the entire thing from start to finish!

I don’t remember enjoying the parade as a kid as much as me and Master Pravus did this year.  We were laughing a lot, (and actually I did have Overlord on in the background!) I didn’t wind up playing that video game at all.  Even Applepig found a float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade he liked!  HA!  Since we had no company this year, he didn’t dress up.  Applepig just had his cape and boxers on.  Dirty pig.  Hehe.

After the parade, we relaxed a lot.  This happened at some point:


I love me some nice deep purple titty bruises.  Tee hee.

Master Pravus decided that we’re not going to put our tree up this year.  Kind of a bummer but the problem being, if I’m home alone with Styx and Dongalor right now I won’t be able to prevent them from attacking the tree (because I can’t move easily right now) and they’ll probably wind up making a mess of it.  So, we’re going to leave the tree in the basement.  Still, we did take Belf out and we put up some garlands and the holiday plushies like Rudolph around so the place is looking a bit more festive.


Our stockings got hung up in the bedroom too, which is fun.  I love having all the decorations up.  Thanksgiving kind of is more of a “decorate for Xmas” holiday for us but then again we live states and states away from our families so we don’t have Thanksgiving in a traditional sense.  A quiet holiday it was, but a good holiday nonetheless.


It’s only been a couple of nights so far, but I kind of love walking past my stocking each morning and night and seeing it there.  It’s so freaking cute.  Xmas is one of my favorite holidays and I’m really starting to get excited for it!

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