Wrong Size

I write this, slightly grumpily, still in “bed.”  Well, I’m in my sick kitty bed.  That means the pull out couch.  I still do not have my parastomal hernia belt and it’s stupid because I should!  We called up the clinic where I got the belt from, and they blamed us for their error in measuring.  Yes.  US.  They were completely unhelpful, and told us that we should call the company that makes the belt ourselves and try to do an exchange on our own because they could not possibly have measured wrong. 

They said we must have changed the size of our bags or something.  We did not change the size of our bags.  Gob has been wearing the same size bags for months and I can prove that by showing them receipts.  It doesn’t matter.  They refused to take responsibility.  This whole thing is stupid.  We did the right thing and went to the clinic and got measured by people who were supposed to be experts and they sent us a hernia belt in a huge size that will not fit Gob at all.  It’s just not cool.

We got on the phone with the company shortly after we received the big belt and we thought we got that whole thing ironed out.  On a whim (it seemed to be taking a while) Master Pravus called to check up on things a couple of days ago and they didn’t even have our order in the system!  Oh.  My.  Fucking.  Flying.  Spaghetti.  Monster.  Just fix this shit so I can be up and around please!  It’s really starting to annoy the crap out of the both of us because until I get the belt I continue to spend a lot of time flat on my back unable to do a heck of a lot.

Things are getting to be a little better than they were (it being over a month since I first started having problems with this hernia, and I may be “settling into it” like the nurse originally said can happen.  Meaning, I’m able to be up and about for a bit more at a time, and I’m able to sit up a bit more.  Walking around and standing are still pretty difficult and I’m still taking a lot of medicine for this but I’m hoping this thing chills out when and if the belt ever gets here.  (Sheesh!)

One thing that’s changed a bit in the last week is that Master Pravus has been bringing me out of the house for short jaunts if I feel up for it, but with the stipulation that I use the wheelchair (since we do not have the belt).  He doesn’t want me to make this any worse than it needs to be since it won’t be repaired for a while.

I also got put back on my Florinef, so I’m on two steroids now.  (Florinef and Prednisone).  Two steroids is kind of intense and I have a lot more energy which is making it hard to sit still!  Ugh!  So, I’m not lightheaded (sweet!) but unfortunately I’m not really able to do much walking because of my hernia.  Great.  Hurry up belt, Kitty wants to run around in circles and chase mice!  Hehe. 

On the other hand, I’m feeling so good that we’re thinking of cutting back on my Infusions.  Why go if I’m not lightheaded?  Two types of steroids at once seems to be working for me.  I don’t need to get a needle in my chest too right now.  Thing is, I’m still tapering off of the Prednisone so I’ll probably need more infusions when I get off of it all together but if we can miss a couple right now that’s good.  The less the better, says me and Master.

We’ve been enjoying Xmas movies!  I don’t need to see a lot of movies this time of year, but Elf and a Muppet Christmas Carol are two that I have to see each year.  Master Pravus has a few that he wants to watch too and when he gets back tonight from another of his side gigs he said we were going to watch another one.

Poor Styxxie came down with a cold.  Nothing serious, just a little cold.  Master Pravus made her special “sick kitty food” and we’ve got her in a special quarantine room away from Dongalor.

It’s been a pretty “medical” week over here but I guess that’s how things go when you’re stuck in bed.  Stupid hernia.  Oh!  I got my first Xmas card of the year though.  I love getting Xmas cards, they’re like holiday decorations.  Master Pravus put it up in the door frame between the kitchen and bathroom already.

Still no word on a job but of course it’s the holiday season so there’s always a massive slow down hearing back from anyone in December.  We’re still hopeful!

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