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Xmas morning we slept in until we started receiving calls from family back home.  That’s usually how it goes.  We sleep a bit on the late side, but family is a couple hours ahead of us, so they can’t help it.  If they call us around noon their time (totes reasonable) it’s only ten in the morning our time (still totes reasonable, we’re just sleepy beavers).  You know though, I kinda like being woken up to “Merry Xmas” phone calls.  Kinda nice.

The first thing we did once we were awake was to open our stockings.  We were really lucky because the food pantry provided all my pressies.  I had thought I wouldn’t get any (and I really was okay with that!)  Unfortunately, all Master Pravus got was some peanut M+Ms but he was really over the moon about that.  Those are his favorite and he almost never gets those.  I got a lot of stuff.  Earrings, pens, pencils, crayons, etc.  I was really spoiled again!  Gratitude:  I has it. <3

I showered and got dressed.  We changed Gob and then we ran out the door for a pokehunt!  We usually go to the Zoo on the major holidays because it’s open and being members we get in for free.  It’s usually empty and it’s a great outing.  We got to see Master Pravus favorite animal at the Zoo, the Giant elephant shrew:

(Can you see him in the back left?)  We also got to see the baby gorilla.  I thought I was going to die because it was so fucking cute.  O.  M.  G.  It was the tiniest thing.  I think Styxxie is bigger!  It was super active, too.

I took this picture randomly in the monkey house on our way out when Master Pravus wasn’t looking.  We were joking that if we could sing (we can’t) it’d be our album cover because neither of us is looking the right way!  HAHAHA!

Lemur house “usie”.

“Do I look too cold in this selfie, Master?”



It was freezing that day.  It wasn’t even the cold as much as the wind, but it was fucking cold, too.  We stayed for about an hour and we didn’t even do a full loop around the whole Zoo because of the cold and the wind before heading home.

Since my Mother in Law got me two coloring books, I colored two pictures in on Xmas day!

This picture is from my adult fairy tales coloring book.  Since I had two pictures to color I tried to pick one that was the “simplest” out of that book because it’s one of the most complex coloring books I own.  Master Pravus got me an adult coloring book a while back that’s Harry Potter themed and it’s so complex I’ve never finished a page.  (Well, yet!)  I’m working on it though.  Anyway, I wanted to finish up one from each book on Xmas because it was the holiday.  The other one I colored was from the Pokémon coloring book I was sent:

When I finished Charmander, Master Pravus liked it so much he picked the picture up and he taped it to the fridge!  I got the hugest kick out of that!  We never save my pictures after I color them because I post them either here on my blog or on my Tumblr so they just wind up in the recycle bin or in the campfire.  So when he saved it on the fridge I felt so proud.  He rubbed my nose and told me I was a good kitty!  I purred.  I asked why he saved this one.

“Because it’s Charmander, of course!”


A very good Xmas, indeed.


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