Happy New Year

The year is almost over, and so here’s the Master Pravus and Red Vinyl Kitty’s recap of the past year.  It was not an easy one for us, but it did have a bit of promise.  Master Pravus started up a contract in January, but I also started seeing a neurologist for a lot of neurological problems.

I had to get a Fall Alert button.


In February I had my first major surgery.  It was for a loop ileostomy.  That’s when Gob was born.


March was the celebration of thirteen years of being collared to Master Pravus.  <3

We got some bad news about Styxxie.

We also learned that I undoubtedly have an autoimmune disease, and the fight for treatment started.


In April, I started a very, very high dose of Prednisone for said unnamed autoimmune disease while I waited to get in to see a rheumatologist.


In May I got to celebrate Master’s birthday with him!  <3

Master’s contract got extended the day before my birthday.  Awesome!  That let us feel relaxed enough to go Up The Hill.

Then, shortly after that I had to taper off of my steroids because we hadn’t been able to find a rheumatologist who would see me yet.


June found me back on my steroids and thinking I was going to be getting into the rheumatologist shortly…  And then told that yet again, I would not be getting in.  Great.


Despite all the life frustrations, we were able to have a really nice Fourth of July and built Dongalor his Tower of Power.  Hehe.

After being on very high dose steroids for about four months, I started to develop a really bad moon face, which has been frustrating to deal with.


August wasn’t really too exciting except that I started guzzling caffeine with reckless abandon because reasons.


I was still not feeling well or “myself” in September, but I was “getting by” and Master made a new rule for me.

Master and me celebrated our eighth collaring anniversary.  <3

I went a full year without a sublux, sprain, dislocation or broken bone that required a hospital visit and was rewarded with the coolest earrings ever!

At the very end of September, Master Pravus’ contract was ended abruptly which was really rough on us both.


In October the only way we really managed to get through was to keep busy and not think too much about it.


I spent a lot of time in bed in November between getting a parastomal hernia and my gastroparesis getting worse.  We did get to go to the Botanic Gardens early in the month though and we had a nice (if quiet) Thanksgiving.

In December, we were lucky enough to have free tickets to the Zoo Lights so we did get to go this year!

I got to sit in Santa’s lap!

I had my second surgery of the year, which was day surgery (botox) for my gastroparesis.  The jury is still not out on whether or not it is helping me.  We haven’t seen an improvement yet but it can take time to work.

Master Pravus and me celebrated Xmas Eve and Xmas Day together.  Much coloring ensued.

This year has been the worst year of my life, and I’m not kidding.  I have spent most of it in bed.  The first part of it I was in bed from my surgery, and then I’ve been in bed on and off due to what is likely an autoimmune disorder that’s not really being treated.  Being constantly put on and off of steroids all the time is awful.  As soon as I start to feel the least bit better I get tapered off of them and then I go back to laying around feeling terrible.  Half of my medical team seems to think I have an autoimmune disorder, half of them aren’t sure, and as a patient I really have no clue.  I’m no doctor.  I just want whatever treatment I need to feel better and move on with my life. 

I feel like I’ve spent this entire year scrabbling at rocks taking whatever scraps of treatment that I can get and barely hanging on.  There are days I can barely sit up.  There are days I can barely eat.  There are days I can function OK, but still not like a “normal” person, or like my old self.  The only way I have been able to function “normally” is on high dose steroids, and I haven’t been on high dose steroids since back in April.  Talk about frustrating.  

It feels like a wasted year.  With the insurance I have, we are both worried it’ll be another year of the same bullshit of doctors who won’t even see me (they’re not obligated to treat me if they won’t see me, and no one has to take my insurance) and I’ll just keep deteriorating.  My neurologist really wants to help me but her hands are tied and she can only treat my symptoms.

Then there’s the whole “contract” situation with Master Pravus’ jobs.  He’s frustrated and I don’t blame him.  It’s so hard right now to find a job that is not a contract.  No one wants to offer benefits and we’re so tired of the bait and switch of the “contract to hire” bullshit.

I haven’t felt particularly hopeful at the end of any year in a while.  I want my health to improve which is why I keep banging down doors and keep seeing new doctors and seeking out opinions and treatment options.  I want Master Pravus to be able to find a job that offers benefits and isn’t just a contract for a million reasons.  (A literal million reasons, not just the obvious few paragraphs above.)

I want things to be okay for us.  They have been so far.  They get harder the longer Master Pravus goes without a stable job, but he has always been able to take a contract if nothing “substantial” comes along before unemployment runs out.  I always hope something permanent and good comes along soon, though.  It has to eventually.

This year, Master Pravus has a side job on New Year’s Eve so I’ll be bringing in the New Year alone.  It’s funny but I’ve never cared before about it.  I don’t like being home alone late at night and since I have to be awake anyway, I wish he was going to be home to give him his New Year’s kiss.  Still, at least he has a side job.  That’s good not bad news.  I’m still trying to see the positives.  Things aren’t all bad, they just aren’t all that simple or easy right now either.

I hope this coming year will be better for us both.  I wish for that every year.  I don’t know what will happen when the bell strikes midnight, and I know there’s no “magic button” that just makes the new year suddenly easy.  I just hope for better, even a little.  Things don’t need to be perfect, but I do hope that 2017 has things showing improvement on all levels.

We were talking about how rough things have been the other day.  We were talking about how we probably will be looking back in five or ten years and laughing so hard at it all.

“Remember 2016?!”


I really do hope that’s how it goes.

For everyone out there, reading this or not, I hope 2017 is a good year for us all.

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