Aziz, Lights!

Well, the electrician came by!  It took three hours and he was just supposed to assess the situation and not fix anything but he fixed it by accident.  Actually, he wired an outlet wrong and had to come back and fix it too before all was said and done BUT the point is we have power back in the third of our house which had no power before.  Even better is that this was covered by our insurance.  Yay!

The Internet was very up and down while he was here though so I painted my nails with the polish that I got in my stocking on Xmas.  Lookit!

Master just left for a side job.  He’s working super late tonight and tomorrow taking tickets at a New Year’s Eve event.  I’ll be awake late crocheting.  I have a ton (maybe fourteen?) scarves done but I haven’t been feeling up to modeling them for my shop yet.  I’m sure I will eventually.  They have to send me my hernia belt someday, right?  Then I’ll be up and around a lot more.  

I just wish all the side gigs weren’t so late at night.  I get so lonely at night.  Still, a job is a job.

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