Let There Be Light

…And Master said that it was good.

The electrician came by last week and we got the power back to the front part of our house thankfully.  While it was a major bummer losing the lights to the entertainment center and sixteen of our outlets not working on Xmas Eve, it was still a relief overall that it didn’t affect the heat or the refrigerator or the stove!  At first I wasn’t sure I liked the electrician at all because he showed up in the most sourpuss mood swearing and cursing and just generally pissy.  As the hours passed he started talking about needing to probably rewire our house.

“Good thing you have that home warranty….”  Har har har…

Just as he was about to give up and begin this lengthy-sounding “rewiring” process he decided to check behind a light switch that he was pretty sure wouldn’t be affecting our problem but also wouldn’t hurt to check anyway and would only take a minute.  So, he checked there and lo and behold it actually was a problem with that light switch.  Turns out, a good third or so of the house is wired behind that light switch alone.

I guess one of the wires got a little bit rusty with time and it was an easy fix when he figured out the problem.  Mr. Grumpy Electrician got a lot less grumpy and a lot more pleasant to be around once he figured out the problem.  He was so happy he actually wired everything backwards by accident.  Yep.  When you flicked the switch in the bedroom, everything in the front room turned off.  That was a trip.  They had to send him back to fix it, of course they did.

New Year’s Eve was kind of tough for me this week because I was alone.  I don’t actually care about staying up until midnight really, but it sucks when everyone is out having fun and you’re all alone.  I tried to think of the things that usually make me happy when Master Pravus is home and we’re celebrating a holiday like New Year’s Eve together and he is here.  New Year’s Eve doesn’t have a ton of traditions for us.  A few, yes.

For one, I always color a picture.  (I color a picture on most holidays.)  So, before I did anything else that night, I colored a picture out of one of my million billion coloring books.

Then, if Master Pravus was home, I know I’d be playing some Morrowind because that’s what I would usually do in between our interactions.  I have my “own” TV and I leave Morrowind on all day pretty much and just turn the TV on and off when I have time to play.  So when he wants to spend time with me specifically or wants me to do something (or I need to do a chore, etc) I just pause and turn the TV off, but otherwise I leave it running so I always have it there so I can just sit down when I need to and have something relaxing to do.

I started to play my game, and I kept my spirits up in the beginning but the biggest difference was that I knew Master Pravus wasn’t going to be around as any kind of distraction at all that night because he wasn’t home at all.  In fact, he had to stay at his side job an extra hour until almost 1AM, and then the traffic getting home meant I didn’t see him until nearly 2AM, which was just sad.

Still, at midnight exactly, I sent him a note on Couple.  I knew he wouldn’t get it right away (he was working after all).  It was time stamped though, and it’s the thought that counts.  He saw it later and he said it made him happy.

We’ve been going to the Zoo a lot.  Not for very long trips, but short jaunts whenever we need to leave the house for other reasons and have time.  Twenty or thirty minute strolls to see one animal when we do go.  It’s a great pick-me-up and cheers us both mightily.  Here’s a little shot Master Pravus took of me when we saw the red river hogs.  Those are one of my favorite types of piggies.  (Lookit the cute little ears!)  I really seriously love those little pigs.

I’m still in my wheelchair a lot because I still don’t have my hernia belt.  It’s been over two months and we’re still fighting with the medical supply store who says it’s on back order.  My stomach is getting really badly bruised all around the hernia site.  It’s awful.  I was doing a bit better being up and around, but it’s really very day to day, and I still can’t do much as far as walking any sort of distance (such as at the Zoo).  We hope that will change when the belt arrives, but without the belt we’re not having any luck.  I am totally getting around the house a bit better, but any time we leave the house for anything at all I need my walker and or wheelchair still and as I said, the bruising is getting pretty bad.  It does sound like the belt should be here this week so we have our fingers crossed.  The medical supply store tells us that as soon as it arrives to let them know and they’ll order another one because it takes so long to get them in.  It is so frustrating how long it is taking considering the first (wrong size) belt got here in three weeks.

I’ve been sewing a bit more.  Thank goodness we stock the Mewtique ahead of time, but I got really behind on things for a while there when I first got my hernia.  I’m trying to play catch up now.  It’s coming along slowly but I’m getting there.

I’m going to do such the happy noodle dance when my hernia belt gets here.

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