Cranky Frankie

Frankie was brought in as an Xmas pressie this year and as he was fond of naps Master Pravus thought he would make an excellent naptime buddy for me.  Thing is, I’ve never been an excellent napper.  I can do it when I’m told to do it (obedient kitty that I am), but I never do it on my own.  It isn’t a rule we have and it isn’t something Master Pravus has ever tried to make into a rule.  He has toyed with making it into a rule, but he’s never done it.  He’s mentioned that he has thought a nap would be beneficial to me during the day but I can count on one hand the amount of times he has actually put me down for a nap.

Since “unwrapping” Frankie Master Pravus decided that maybe adding in a napping rule might be a good idea.  The rule would only apply if we were home during what he deems is an adequate hour to have a nap (can’t be too early in the day, or too late in the day or it’ll interfere with sleep) and we just haven’t been home during what he thinks is a napping kind of hour.  Of course.

Well, two days ago it finally happened!  My first “real” nap with Frankie!  For once, Frankie wasn’t pitching a fit over missing his nap.  (He can get kind of cranky if he misses his nap, and he misses his nap a lot!  You thought Applepig was bad.  HA!)

“I think it’s nap time, Kitty.”

I looked at the clock.  2PM.

“Can I pee first, Master?”

He let me pee, and then he put my (AFF) bed time cuffs on me.

He got Frankie and he tucked me into bed with him.  He put on some lullabies and he set a timer for thirty minutes.

I hadn’t realized a nap was coming, so I had actually just freshly made a cup of tea to sip on.  That just sat there while I tried to sleep.

I didn’t actually get any sleep this time.  Master Pravus had timed this nap for thirty minutes.  I tried to sleep and I got close a couple of times but I didn’t manage to fall completely asleep.  I think that napping is a skill (like anything else) and it takes times to learn.  I did find it to be sort of relaxing and nice though, and it was good to lay there with a plushie and my blankie.

Hey.  Frankie.  Stop looking at me that way.


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