Belted In!

An exciting week!  Well, not to hear about perhaps, but from my perspective it’s pretty damned thrilling.  I finally got my hernia belt!  I’ve been waiting on it since before November, and it has been awful because I’ve been practically bedridden all this time.  I’ve been trying to do what I could to maintain muscle strength and be as active as I possibly could, but I’ve spent so much time lying flat that there wasn’t a whole lot going on.  I’ve had a hand weight in the bed and I’ve tried to walk as much as I could but that was so bad that I wasn’t able to walk even 500 steps most days.

The belt is helpful.  Super helpful.  It’s not perfect, but it’s so much better than without it.  The biggest issue is that I can’t wear it with both of my bags.  I wear two types of bags because I break out in a skin rash if I wear either type of bag too often.  So, I have to swap out brands.  When I wear Coloplast (my preferred brand of bag!) I can wear my belt.  When I wear Hollister, (I hate you Hollister, there is literally almost nothing I like about your bags, seriously) the belt opening does not fit.  So, unfortunately at least half of the time I can’t wear my belt.

This has meant that I have about fifty percent of the relief than I had before I got the belt, so that is awesome.  We’re going to be able to order a second belt (for my Hollister bags) soon so I should be able to wear the belt all the time and then be up and about a lot more frequently.  Still, instead of being trapped in bed all of the time, I’m only trapped in bed about half the time, and that is such a big improvement.  I’m really very thrilled.  I’ve gone from laying on the couch all the time to being able to bend, do more chores, run errands, etc.  I don’t have the stamina I want yet but that doesn’t happen overnight.

I know that I’ll need to go through with the hernia repair surgery eventually, but I don’t need to do that yet and the belt makes the day to day stuff tolerable so I am really happy about this.  Most people would probably not be super excited about being able to walk into the grocery store to pick up groceries but even that feels like an adventure right now!

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