You Forgot Your Lighter

Rough morning.  On my way to the bathroom, I had a near fainting episode.  Master Pravus came right over, put ice on the back of my neck, got the blood pressure cuff, checked my blood sugar (just in case) got me a juice box, practically carried me to the couch and then hovered over me for a good twenty minutes until he was sure I was fine.  (Picture taken later on when I got my color back and felt like posing with Pygmalion.)

I went to the bathroom later and I saw Master Pravus’ lighter on the back of the toilet.  (Our house is tiny and there is no other counter space in there.)  It must have been in his hand when I was falling down.  I walked to the front room and handed him his lighter, a bit of a smug look on my face.

“You DO care about me,” I said.

“Of course I do, Kitty.”

“Yes, but you are never without your lighter. You must have been super worried.”

“I’m always worried about you, Kitty.”

I kissed him.

“I love you, and I am fine. Thanks for taking care of me.”


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